08 December, 2010

getting dressed: week nine

have you seen enough of this cardigan yet?? i really don't have that many clothes so i tend to wear things over & over again...plus, i just really love this cardigan. i fought tooth & nail for it on ebay, so i really treasure it.

i wore this outfit on a little trip to the mall with levi. it was cold so i layered.



levi took these photos in a secluded area of the mall. there were still people milling about, so i was feeling kinda self-conscious...hence the face below!





coat: robin from anthropologie
cardigan: j.crew
tank: eloise from anthropologie
skirt: j.crew
headband: j.crew
tights: gap
boots: not rated from macy's


  1. cute outfit! I really love the tank and headband! =)

  2. You look lovely. Perfect cardigan, wear it all the time.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Cute- love the outfit all layered. I can't take pics in front of people without feeling a bit odd- the hubs rolls his eyes because I will then go put them on the internet.
    Makes no sense-
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Christmas bracelet giveaway

  4. i LOVE the cardi! and the shoes! you're too cute for your own good:) but i think ive posted that before:)

  5. given how adorable that sweater is, if I owned it, I'd wear it all the time, too! What a cute outfit!

  6. As I was reading that you were in a mall taking these, this is what went through my mind before I realized it was a sucky idea.

    "She should have totally gone around and put on different outfits in different stores and posted those!"

    I heart the cardigan and anything else worn numerous times. I am a firm believer in "uniforms". AKA-Outfits worn numerous times in any given week.

    Sometimes I just like an outfit too much to wear only once in a blue moon.

  7. i'm totally in LOVE with your boots!!!

  8. BEAUTIFUL! i love your hair and ribbon best :) but those boots, i want them PLEASE!!!

  9. Im usually not in to things with pokadots(sp?)...but you just changed my mind. You pull it off so well!!!

  10. oh.my.gosh. I love these boots!!!!!


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