06 December, 2010

wedding planning: the home stretch!

well as it turns out, we don't have to borrow the money for the wedding from my mom after all!

levi's dad is giving it to us! we are SO excited & SOOOO relieved. it's nice not to owe anyone money. and i love that both of our parents have now helped us with our wedding. it will make that day even more special for us.

so, as you know, my first dress fitting was on friday. it went really well! it was so cool to put on my dress and not have it falling off!



and they gave me boobs! i initially didn't want any cups put in....but they said i had to because i didn't have anything to hold the dress up. haha! i think it looks quite nice so far. my next fitting is on thursday! yay! annnd i got something to wear over my dress for the outdoor ceremony. the bolero i initially fell in love with was $800...obviously not an option (but incredibly gorgeous). the one i'm using now is sooooo much cheaper, and i actually think i like it better! i'm gonna be a brat & not share that with you 'til after the wedding.

(also, please don't mind the rat's nest that is my hair right now - i CAN'T WAIT 'til my hair trial on the 19th. levi will finally cut it that day & give me some shape again.)

this morning we're doing a little dessert tasting with gabby. then we're meeting up with a friend in LA to look at wedding rings for levi! it's going to be a very busy, wedding-y day. i'm getting more & more excited for this thing now! it's such a relief to look forward to my own wedding!!

(p.s. i forgot to draw a winner for the giveaway yesterday, so that means you get an extra day to enter. hurry up & enter! it's free money after all! i'll announce the winner tomorrow morning.)


  1. I love your dress! can't wait to see the finished product. i'm so glad everything is working out smoothly for you guys!

  2. aw yay jasmine! you are beautiful and im so happy everything is working out for your special day:)

  3. Oh, you look lovely!

    I'm so glad that you've found a solution to the money issue- that didn't sound like any fun AT ALL.

  4. omg, it is SO beautiful!!!! perfect on you! and i think your hair looks awesome.

  5. SUCH a beautiful bride! your dress is stunning.

  6. I love your dress! It looks perfect on you!!

  7. you are perfection in that dress! I actually love your hair!!!!! I am so excited for you and Levi. I never had a wedding, we eloped in jeans to Las Vegas. I feel like I live vicariously through all of the lovely brides that I get to see in their gowns. God bless you Jasmine!

  8. also, if I WERE to have a wedding this would be my "dream dress"

  9. That dress is just gorgeous!!!! So happy for you not having to borrow cash for your wedding. That is awesome. Have a great week. xoxo

  10. Gorgeous! Love the waist.

    PS I've been reading your blog forever and I'm just now getting around to commenting. Hello! :)

  11. i can't wait til your wedding! well, i can't wait til you blog about it anyway. ;]


  12. Hey Jasmine...

    You look beautiful!! Can't wait to see pics of your wedding!!!
    Enjoy special moments like these!

    Hugs from France,

  13. Beautiful!

    And that is such great news about getting more help for the wedding <3 Yay!

  14. aww, you look beautiful Jasmine. Such a perfect dress for you.

  15. that dress looks gorgeous on you!


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