03 December, 2010

crisis averted

so the problem i alluded to earlier had to do with the wedding. we've been debating whether or not to call it off over the last couple weeks. not the marriage, just the wedding.

it all boiled down to $2,000. it was all the money we needed to be able to pull it off, but we had no way to come up with it. none whatsoever.

let me tell you - we have been stressed over here. like sick-to-our-stomachs-constant-headaches-can't-focus-on-anything-can-hardly-eat STRESSED.

so last night we asked my mom if we could borrow the money, and she said yes! now the wedding IS happening.

it's a relief to have that finally settled. at the last hour. with only 5 weeks to go.

now, hopefully, i can start looking forward to it because, honestly, i've just been dreading the whole thing...probably the entire time we've been planning it actually. i don't think anyone will ever understand just how difficult this time has been for us. my family will be the closest to understanding. i know every wedding is stressful, but this was not your average wedding stress. maybe i'll tell you about it someday, but today, i'm just happy to know there's a way to make this thing happen.

today is my first dress fitting.

maybe now i'll finally get to feel like a bride.

i'm going to try my absolute hardest to enjoy this last month. i think i'll be able to now that we know it can and will happen.

praise jesus!!!


  1. i hope it goes well!!! i'll be thinking about you jasmine! xoxoxox

  2. Hurray! I figured your frustration had to do with wedding plans. SO GLAD TO HEAR IT WILL ALL WORK OUT!

  3. thats so good!!!!! im very happy for u!! :) :)

  4. How sweet of your mother! I am SO happy for both of you and know it will be a wonderful day for all of you!

    Liesl :)

  5. Oh Jasmine, the whole time reading this I kept thinking, 'I wish so badly I had 2 grand, or any amount of money to just give them!"

    I am so sorry you have been stressed. Nothing is worse than money stress! Hope all goes well and is fun for you for now on!

  6. That's so wonderful! It's all coming together so well. So happy for you :)

  7. Yay! Nobody seems to ever be happy trying to plan a wedding. But I'm glad you and Levi are going to get to have your day. And I'm so glad you're not knocked up (yet) or have cancer (ever) because I was totally dreading something life-altering and terrible might be the crisis.

  8. yay for mom's! I'm glad she's able to help you guys out!

  9. oh man...lack of money and wedding planning is the worst. so glad you got it figured out!!

    i'm with stacey, i wish that i had boat of loads of extra cash to donate to ya! ;)

  10. aw, I'm so happy for you and same as stacey, I wish so badly I had the extra money to help with your wedding. Unfortunately just credit cards and student loans.. hurray:(

  11. Yay so happy for you !!! You and Levi deserve to have this wedding and I hope it's gonna be just how you imagine it !!!!

    Good luck with everything

  12. This is totally unrelated to this post (which I loved, by the way) but I wanted you to know that since you first posted about "Efferson" your elephant humidifier, I have wanted one. And yesterday I brought mine home! I love him!

  13. Oh lovely Jasmine! All the best dear one :)

    I cant speak very knowledgeably about weddings, but I do hope it all goes just as beautiful and wonderfully as you have planned.

    Take care of yourself above everyone else. xx

  14. Just 'catching up' and just read this!

    A HUGE "AMEN" and thanks so much to your darling mom!! Mom's are great, aren't they!

    God bless here and all of you, too. I'm happy you don't have to stress about the money, now... I know that can be very stressful!



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