13 December, 2010

maybe you know where i can find these...

update: i found some!!!! such a relief.

i need a little help!

i am having the hardest time finding anyone who makes suspenders for little boys on etsy.

i want some suspenders for a four year old just like these black and white houndstooth ones:

black and white gingham or checks would work too (not anything that looks like racing flag checks though).

do you know of any sellers who make suspenders for boys? do YOU make suspenders for boys? please let me know! i'm starting to get to the point of desperation.


  1. Maybe try writing Ashley. http://www.makeit-loveit.com/ That girl makes EVERYTHING!!

  2. i found these, it looks like she does custome orders


  3. Maybe try a University of Alabama online shop...we love all things houndstooth.

  4. I will try my hand at them for you. I make childrens belts and suspenders can't be far behind. Shoot me an email and let me know how many you need and by when and we can work out a deal!


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