14 December, 2010

a rainy evening walk

the last couple days have been way too warm for december. it was in the 80s on sunday. :/

it's making me miss the rain we had last weekend.

i love rain. it's my favorite weather. levi loves it too. it reminds him of portland (where he grew up).


(isn't my levi so cute? i think so.)


these photos are from our walk to levi's work christmas party....it was on a boat...in the rain.


it was interesting. up on the top deck, we got pelted with insane rain. the crazy wind that accompanied the rain on the water almost ripped our umbrellas out of our hands. we went back to the lower deck with soaking tights and socks.

at least it was an adventure! and i did say i loved rain.


  1. love his green umbrella! You guys are too cute! And I'd take that 80's weather! It's freezing here, wind chills are below 0 :(

  2. i love rain too! you guys are such a cut couple

  3. I love rain too! and umbrellas. They make me smile as they pop out in bright color against the gray sky :)

  4. I love the rain too!!! Probably because it doesn't come around too often here in California! I'm actually heading up to Portland for New Years and am soooo excited to see some rainy/cold weather!!

    Oh, and i LOVE that green umbrella!!

  5. cute pics!
    see, i am looooving the warm weather in so cal. i much prefer this than the cold weather we had in august (i'm in so cal too, obvs)

  6. levi is from portland?! me toooooo!!


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