28 December, 2010

life on the other side

i hope that when this is all over:

i'll remember all the words i've been forgetting over the last few months.

i'll stop interrupting when people are speaking because i know i'll forget my thought if i wait for longer than 1/2 a second.

i'll want to cook again.

i'll have more time for blogging & reading blogs.

i'll want to take pictures everywhere i go.

i'll become an editing machine at work.

i'll stop laying awake at night remembering all the things i still need to do.

i'll look at magazines & read books again.

i'll start doing the dishes again & will never again move piles of them to the floor to get them out of my way.

i'll do laundry before i have to start drying off with a kitchen towel after showers.

i'm not complaining at all. the last few weeks of wedding planning have actually been really fun....absolutely crazy, but fun. i love all the madness of planning. i love all the lists, all the running around trying to get things done, the hunt for the best possible deal, the constant brainstorming.

but i will be relieved once it's all over. i can't wait to get back to a normal life.

with my husband.



  1. i'm certain you'll be able to do all that & more! if not, you've got a lifetime to work on the little kinks that come with being, well human :)

  2. i didn't know that wedding planning was so intense when i was getting married 34 1/2 years ago! I love this picture of you and your honey! so sweet and sexy!

  3. i think you can.i think you can.i think you can.

    tie the knot and hang on until you tie the knot and hang on ;)

  4. Hang in there! And remember on your day that no matter what happens, who is there or isn't there, that at the end of the day you will be married. And that marriage, no matter how perfect your wedding day is, will be better than you can ever possibly imagine.

    Also, I love Grandma Kathleen.


  5. It is so great to get back to normal life (and sleep) after getting married. Six months later and I still get relieved when I realize I don't have to think about PLANS. I made the mistake of not calming down until after the wedding. On my wedding day I was still obsessing over details that hadn't been worked out. By that time, whatever still needs to be done won't even matter. Just enjoy it how it is. I'm so excited for you! xoxo

  6. i loved our wedding day and all that led up to it, but i agree... real life is the best. especially with your husband. congrats!

  7. Wedding planning can be a little stressful, huh? I know it will all work out and all that planning will be worthwhile. At some point, the most important thing you can do is not fret over the details. It's just small stuff. As long as you have love, you're golden -so don't forget to take a moment to breathe and enjoy the present. :)

  8. you'll do all these things. in my experience, the month leading up to a wedding just flat out SUCKS, despite the happiness it's leading up to. but yes, you will get yourself, your time, and your life back. :]


  9. Right after your wedding is the great time EVER! I never realized how stressed out I was until the day after, and I didn't have to worry about so many details any more. It was like everything in my life was revolving around the wedding, and once it was over, there was this whole brand new life full of possibilities waiting for me!


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