22 December, 2010

bye bye byyyyye!


i think this photo is incredible.

levi & our friend, will, unintentionally dressed very similarly (this seems to happen a lot) at the party we went to over the weekend.

this time, they look like they belong in a boy band together... they'd make a good looking boy band!

p.s. did you notice levi's wedding ring in this photo?? we got them back that night at the party, and he wouldn't take it off. it is beautiful. he has since taken it off, but he's counting down the days 'til he can put it back on again.

only 18 to go....


  1. It's getting so close!! Congrats! I'm sorry it's been such a roller coaster, but from here on out all that matters is the two of you. I hope your wedding is more than you ever dreamed of!!

  2. aw that's sweet that he took it for a "trial run"... jeez, 18 days will go by so fast!

  3. i am soooo excited for you two- congrats! {my man also has an affinity for what i like to refer to as 'old man' hats--- they're so cute in them, huh??}

  4. wow! 18 days. that is unreal. don't get too stressed.

  5. It comes faster than you think! We had our countdown and I tried not to think about it....but then last Saturday we GOT MARRIED. So exciting :)


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