06 December, 2010

funny story

hopefully, levi doesn't get upset that i share this little story.

last night, i asked levi if he wanted to do the "waist slimming" section of my pilates dvd with me. it's only 10 minutes of ab work, and i think it's pretty easy. plus, levi has a full-on six pack, so i figured he wouldn't mind. so anyway, he said yes.

a couple-few minutes went by before we moved into our lateral abs. apparently, levi was starting to get sore because all of the sudden he exclaims, "this is bullsh*t! i can't do this anymore!"

i almost DIED laughing. it was hilarious. he said he felt like his muscles were tearing. (this is how my chest feels when i do push-ups. he can do those all day.) i seriously couldn't stop laughing.

now to be fair, i have pretty strong abdominal muscles (definitely no visible six pack though...anything i have is hidden by my keep-a-baby-warm squishy layer). my dance teachers make us do really crazy ab workouts, so i kinda feel like i could do sit-ups all day. also, the pilates sit-ups were really slow and controlled. levi's probably not used to that. once he quit, he kept flipping his head back and forth between me and the pilates instructor in awe. he couldn't believe we were able to sit up that slowly and extend our legs and point our toes all at the same time.

boys are so cute.

also, i don't think it's fair that levi has a six pack...and that he can eat any amount of any food and stay so thin. what a jerk!


  1. That's funny. And it's true... guys have it good. Well, most I suppose. At least levi, my big guy and dad can eat what they want and still maintain their figures. Psh.

  2. dang the boys and their mega fast metabolism. put that on the "why boys are lucky" list right after aging gracefully & not having to birth children.

  3. I agree. Men are jerks!! They have it so easy. Damn them! ;)

  4. This is awesome! My husband doesn't do any kind of exercise and he is still thin. I go to the gym six times a week and have to watch what I eat. Little jerks. The gym did come in handy during hunting though when I was at the top of the mountain and he was about a third of the way up and said he wasn't going any further. Suckers ;-)

  5. You're not alone, Levi. My boyfriend struggles just as much. I think it's so funny, because most guys see pilates as wishy-washy women's nonsense! Not so! :)

  6. awww, boys are so cute, but they drive me crazy! my man eats anything and everything, never gains an ounce and picks up a soccer game after months of no physical activity . . . me on the other hand . . . well, it's a VERY different story.

  7. I completely understand! My husband and I work out together with a personal trainer (two of us can work out for the price of one session!). We were doing lunges that were KILLING me, but he wasn't even breaking a sweat. Then we moved onto sit ups and he told me that he "can't do them." And while he could do them, he had a lot of trouble with them, which honestly made me feel better about having so much trouble with the lunges earlier!

  8. haha! i've always had that squishy layer on my tummy too, even though i'm thin and have super strong abs. oh well. :]


  9. haha, that's so cute! pilates is a fabulous ab workout & just a great workout in general. i didn't have any abs to speak of until i took a pilates class! what dvd do you use? i'm trying to find good at-home workouts since going to the gym can be so difficult sometimes! xo

  10. HA!! This made me laugh so hard, I cannot do one single push up, Andre always teases me but I seriously cannot. I cheat and do the girly version


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