01 April, 2009


ugh. today has been a roller coaster. i woke up in a fantastic mood. levi and i had some good talking time before he had to go to work. after he left, i got a bunch of stuff done, went grocery shopping, did a ton of laundry, prepared dinner for tonight, hung out with my sister, took some stuff to the tailor's. i was on top of things, taking care of stuff, making things happen, in a good mood.

then my sister and i get in a huge fight. yuck. i hate that. so i go back home to long beach.

on my way home, we resolve our fight. okay. everything's cool.

NOOOOO it's not. i park and walk to my building with two huge garbage bags filled with laundry digging into my shoulder, my laptop under one arm, my 9 pound purse on the other shoulder, a paper grocery bag filled with glass products, and a big, giant tupperware bowl filled with tonight's dinner. i'm precariously waddling up to the front of the building only to find that


i use my foot to bang on the door for the idiotic apartment manager, WHO NEVER DOES ANYTHING, to come open it for me. his girlfriend comes out and yells at me for knocking on the door like that after i ask her if they're ever going to fix it. it's been broken for over a month, and we've been asking for an extra key that entire time. and get this - she says to me, "you better chill out, home girl." who talks like this??? why do i have to live in the ghetto??

ummmm HELLO, i'm obviously a little bit frustrated here!! my arms and shoulders are full of heavy things, and you're not doing your job! i'm not going to smile sweetly at you and thank you for opening the broken door for me under these circumstances!

sheesh. what is the point of having an on-site manager if they NEVER DO ANY WORK???? seriously, this building is falling apart. this guy doesn't even vacuum!! we've had a big pile of dried up leaves under one of the windows in the hall for two weeks now. it's just sitting there.

so now i feel all flustered, and my adrenaline is pretty much as high as it can get. i'm alternating between wanting to cry and wanting to scream. i hate stuff like this. i HATE getting into fights with people. and i HATE not being able to control my temper.

but i'm frustrated, and i'm sick of people not doing what they're supposed to be doing. i'm sick of just having to grin and bear it and keep my mouth shut every day. we live over an alley where there are always homeless people rummaging through the garbage at all hours of the night. we've had noisy construction waking us up since we moved in in august. our neighbors are scary, insane, LOUD MOUTH, low life people. seriously, most of them are on parole for some reason or another. one of them is always talking to spiders and herself directly under our window between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00 in the morning. another stands directly across from our window and screams down to her mother (apparently she lives in another apt. downstairs?) asking things like "hey mom! do you wanna come up and eat pork chops and rice-a-roni?" or "hey mom! did you tape soaps?"

grrrrrr. i want to live in a house with no apartment manager surrounded by normal, non-scary people. today is one of those days where i really really resent being poor.


  1. ugh, i'm sorry your day was bad! i feel for ya :( i broke up with my boyfriend last night, so my day hasn't been too hot either. as far as being poor, my parents always say that the funnest times in your life, the times when you make the most memories, are when you're dirt poor and figuring out how to make sqare pegs into round holes. i'm poor right now, too. i hate it. with what i make at my job, i will probably NEVER be able to live out on my own. i live at home. at 22 years old. i feel pathetic. at least your out on your own! and that's always something to be proud of :)

  2. ugh. just reading i can feel your pain. i am so sorry you had a crappy day but thankful to share it with the rest of us to vent!

    i hope you feel better!

  3. hi (: happened upon your blog last night, i believe. wanted you to know i share you pain. my husband and i live in a 450 sq ft studio. our next door neighbors don't speak english, they act like we have some type of disease. if they see us coming, then run inside and lock their door. it's odd. the guy upstairs is never home, and seems to have some type of hound dog with abandonment issues. i promise you, he howls and barks atleast 12 hours a day. and the guy next to the guy above is a gay guy who throws parties at all hours of the night. we haven't bought groceries in months. you're not alone. i am however, very sorry that you had such a crappy day. though, to be perfectly honest, the image of the lady talking to spides gave me quite a chuckle. (:

  4. Poor thing, one of those days everything goes wrong...

    I know the feeling: a month ago on the same day, my mug full of tea fell on my computer and my camera fell down, like I could afford to buy a new computer and a new camera! I was so frustrated and fell like a complete idiot.

    But the good thing is: it happens only once in a while. Hope you'll find something to cheer you up and forget about this.


  5. Btw, don't hesitate to email me if you need help with French :) I know how frustrating it can be to get started with a new language.


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