26 April, 2009

did you just call me wheat thin?

that's what i asked Levi last night after i thought i heard him say, "good night, wheat thin." i heard correctly.

yesterday was such a good day, one of those golden, perfect days.

i went to my mom's and hung out with my family all day.
my mom and i went shopping and tried loads of clothes on.
everything looked good on me, and i felt skinny. in fact, i lost a little weight! major self-esteem booster.
and my mom bought me a shirt!!! she bought the same shirt for herself so now we have yet another matching item of clothing. haha! i don't mind at all. i think it's funny.

after shopping, we walked down to the beach (the house i grew up in is across the street from the beach) and shared some strips.
for those of you who don't know (probably all of you), strips are the food that will be served in Heaven. well, strips and BBQ.
anyway, strips are a genius little concoction of chips, cheese, sauce, sun, and beach air.
all i can tell you about the sauce is that it's red and delicious.
the cheese gets the tiniest bit melty from the sun.
and everything just tastes a little bit saltier when you eat them out in the beach air.
they are amazing.
i want to serve them at my wedding.

the day continued to get better after the strips.
i went for a walk on the pier with my friend jesse (who also lives with my mom and sister), baby sis ivy, and my cousin janine. we stopped for milk shakes at the end of the pier. yummm.

when levi got off of work, we watched the second half of the Lakers game. thankfully, they made up for Thursday night's fiasco - they won, and they won well.
we had key lime dessert shots at chili's to celebrate and went for a ride on the ferris wheel (it was  running again!!).
fyi, levi hates ferris wheels. i didn't realize he hated them so much until we got on, and he started making all these unhappy, uneasy, kinda sick faces. he must really love me.

bracing himself

see Levi? this is how you're supposed to do it.

for the record, my boobs are absolutely not this big. just smooshed in.

i also got all the laundry done last night, including folding all of Levi's underwear (does anyone else think it's really weird that he likes his underwear folded??).

Levi's at work all day today and has to go to some hair class/show thing in LA as soon as he's off so i'm a  little sad. i think my sister is going to come over and keep my company. otherwise, i've got a movie to watch and a letter to write so i suppose i'll survive.

happy Sunday everybody!


  1. that was loads of fun! My mom and I go shopping a lot too before I moved here. I miss it =(. You two look adorable!

  2. This post made me LOL because my husband likes his chonies folded too!

  3. I like mine folded :)


    all of that sounds uber exciting. I love shopping with my mom - she is the best critic.

    my mom used to live in cali so I know all about those strips...delish!

    that is how your supposed to ride a ferris wheel- HANDS UP!!!!! and yes, your boobs look HUGE hahahaha sureeee their smooshed in...

    ps - men can also wear tights in shakespeare plays...ballet & shakespeare plays...that is all.

    pps-i wish ya'll could go on wednesday as well because for that time slot i would be living vicariously through ya'll

  5. holy crap, you're the cutest thing ever! haha. glad you had a happy weekend!

  6. the second picture of you is perfect. you look so happy!

    my boyfriend doesn't even match his socks up. he just throws them all in a drawer and pulls out two at random when he needs to get dressed. all his socks are white, expressly for this purpose. boys are weird!

  7. what a lovely sunday!!
    I love that he called you wheat thin! Riley tends to call me random names, including: sparkle princess baby, baby bird, cookies eyes, etc.

    You two are precious!!

  8. YEAH LAKERS!!! I was super happy myself. I won't be able to catch the game tonight, sadly but I'm really hoping they close it out in a few hours.

    P.S. I hate ferris wheels too. Eek!

  9. LOVE YOUR BLOG! Don't even know how I found it!

    my husband likes his underwear rolled???

  10. that sounds like the most incredible day!
    And my boyfriend is the same way about his underwear, they must be folded his certain way or it drives him NUTS!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. just discovered your blog via auburn and ivory and i LOVE it. and don't worry, i fold my man's underwear too :)


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