20 April, 2009

we had to bust out the air conditioning unit today

'cause it was HOT inside our apartment. It was hot outside too - 95 degrees hot. We couldn't possibly stay inside, so we doused ourselves in spf 70 and went kayaking for some relief. It was such a beautiful day. Here are some pictures and a video for proof. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to have actually lived here all my life. I would understand if you called me spoiled. :)

I'm not gonna lie, he did most of the paddling.

I can't quite reach you, baby!
*Also, please note the heart-shaped shadow on Levi's neck that
Ivy just pointed out!

I'm ghostly.

The water was absolutely frigid. I'm insane. But doesn't it look like I'm going for a little run over the water??

my little gnome friend

The kayaking took place in Naples...this isn't actually our neighborhood (I wish) so don't get too jealous! And Levi is a master parallel parker of all vehicles and vessels, not just kayaks.


  1. There's a heart shape on Levi's neck from the outline of the shadows on "I can't quite reach you, baby!" Figured you would fawn over that. :)

    Looks like fun! Wish I could have done that today instead of going to school in the 101 degree weather.

  2. Oh your jump looks so cool! It was so gross and i wish people knew how gross today was but I am glad you know what the weather was like! Keep cool!

  3. Kayaking is so fun. And 95 degrees?! Jealous! We've topped out at about 75 here in Texas. (Can you tell I love summer?)

  4. You always have the best photos! i'm melting over the heart-shaped shadow...

  5. The heart of light is freakin' awesome.

  6. i know! isn't it?? it makes me so happy. it's like a little shadow/light sign from Heaven that Levi is just the man for me. :)

  7. When in doubt, make a list:

    1) heart-shaped shadow? awesome.
    2) running over the water? awesome.
    3) gnome friend? awesome.

    See? Awesomeness all over the place.

  8. What fun! It is definitely warmer in your part of the country--our kayaking season doesn't begin until the water gets a little warmer, sometime next month. I prefer moving water to flat, so you have to be prepared to get wet!

  9. Oh, that looks like soo much fun! This is inspiring me to go kayaking before I move to the desert.

  10. is that the gnome from the travelocity commercials?


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