25 April, 2009

people and treats cheer me up

Levi let me have an iced latte and a cinnamon roll for dinner last night without blinking an eye. What I really wanted was a cupcake, but the Frosted Cupcakery sold out and closed early. :( We really need more good cupcakes in this town. I was sad, but after such a crummy day, I wasn't about to let it get me down. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better now. Hopefully, things will start looking up soon. But if they don't, I'm just going to have to be happy anyway.

My latte was sad because it wanted a cupcake too.

I took out my frustration on this cinnamon roll. It worked.

Reading all your sweet comments really cheered me up too. Seriously. It's so awesome that even one of you cares and takes the time to say something nice to me. I really truly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

And my wonderful, amazing, awesome friend Lauren quoted Dr. Evil in an email to make me feel better - "Why must I be surrounded by frickin idiots?!?" Now that's wisdom.

And finally, I saw this quote on Tiffany's blog, Caress the Fro, and it really struck a chord with me. (P.S. I'm totally copying her font here because I just liked how it looked so much - forgive me for being a copy cat on this one!)

To change one's life:
Start immediately.
Do it flamboyantly.
No exceptions.

- William James


  1. awww you can be a copycat all you want!!!!! That latte & cinnamon roll sounded delish! Hmmm sounds like I need to hit dunkin donuts.

    But I know exactly what your going through. I'm in the same predicament. I hate when I have to cut expenses so that I can pay a bill for the month. Money is so tight that I don't know if I can afford enough groceries...but I just keep looking on the bright side...this is the worst its going to get...I can only go up from here.

    Hope your weekend is marvelous! Keep a smile on your face!

  2. Glad to see your cheered up and sugar always makes me feel better, too.

  3. Love the picture "I took out my frustration on this cinnamon roll" Love it. :)

  4. Those are two very smart quotes! Have a great weekend!

  5. I think I need a boyfriend so I can do a ..."things I love almost as much as I love "fill in blank with future boyfriend (will smith)" section...

    can you believe I found those goods at goodwill? I was shocked. I practically threw people out my way so I could buy them...with the thought that it was false advertisement and that they would really cost me $30 and not $5.

  6. it definitely made my weekend...then my granda said, "how about we go to red lobster tonight"...she said this out of the blue...who am I to say no.

    *sigh* one can dream right lol well...maybe I could settle for brad pitt then hahaha

    are you & levi planning anything for the weekend?

  7. me too! I was shocked when she suggested it...and food always tastes better when its free!

    Ooo a Monday and Tuesday weekend is definitely better…you can go to the beach and no one will be there! Actually anything you do will be good because you don't have to worry about too much traffic and such.

    BASKETBALLLLL…Have you gone to any of their games? I’m not a big sport watcher, but I love going to sporting events and eating hot dogs, fries, and pizza. topped off with a big pepsi (and I don't even drink soda)

    I love the chicks voice in the video. I should post up one of their concert vids…she definitely gets into it…dancing and everything.

  8. OMG! I love live shows!!! They are so much better than the cd because you see the expressions and actually hear the unique-ness of the vocals & instruments without all the touchups…I can’t believe the tickets are $6…That’s awesome. You should try and do it, but bring your food in picnic form.

    I just checked out your one Lakers post and ya’ll definitely lucked out! $5 for the both of you!!! A-MA-ZING! Ya’ll look so happy together…that’s great.Like 2 peas in a pod hahaha I went to a 49ers game and I sat ALLLL THEEE WAYYYY AT THEEEE TOPPPPPP! I was never scared of heights before, but that kinda did it for me hahaha never again…unless I can afford the floor seats. I understand with that survival tactic…my ex LOVES football…many days I had to sit and endure hours and hours and hours of men in tights. Glad that’s over!

  9. i'm just catching up on your last few posts! but i'm sorry about the flower shop lady :( that's so annoying when they give you false hope! i know you'll find something amazing, and who knows, maybe she will call you soon! lattes and sweet boys always make me feel better too :) that's how my boy always cheers me up. "wanna get a latte?" hehe. stay positive! :)

  10. I'm at my sister's house right now (code for I can eat as much crap as I want) and I ate birthday cake, vanilla wafers and Sixlets for lunch. Good times.

  11. you guys are so adorable!


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