05 April, 2009

For Like Ever

We finally hung my For Like Ever poster above the bed! Yay! It looks soooo good. This photo isn't amazing because it was difficult to find an angle that would keep most of the glare off the frame, but you get the idea. And don't make fun of my old lady quilt!

I saw this poster on the cover of Domino magazine and went on a mission to find it. The original $10 version was completely sold out, but they had created a $30 larger version (which is now $60, btw) so I bought that. Let me warn you, I had a HECK of a time framing this thing. I ended up having to take it to a framing place because the poster is an irregular size. They created a matte for me and framed it, and I am very pleased with how it turned out. It cost a pretty penny though. Fortunately, this is when I had money! I am very happy, now, that I went to the trouble of framing it then. If you'd like your own, you can purchase one HERE.

So after Levi went through all the trouble of hanging this thing the other night, this is what he says to me, "How about we just move to another studio in an area we like better?" Funny timing, Levi, but I like what you're throwing out there!! So, fingers crossed, prayers said, hoooooopefully, we are moving! We are so over downtown Long Beach and this awful place. People don't live here because they want to live here; they live here because they have to. We want to be in a place where people are happy to live so we're going to back to the Long Beach we both fell in love with. We looked at a studio yesterday that's about a billion times better and nicer than this place and only $30 more a month. The only downside is a smaller living area (bigger kitchen though!). As soon as Levi is off work this afternoon, we're going to drive around looking for "for rent" signs and view some places tomorrow. If we don't see anything better, we're gonna go for the place we already looked at!! It's so exciting! Hopefully, in less than 33-ish days, we will be in another apartment! Wish us luck!


  1. yay! how exciting! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. (:

  2. Love the poster!
    Good luck!

  3. yay! good luck!! that's exciting :) but yes, if you want to do a little advertising for me, that would be lovely! :)

  4. this looks awesome! i hope you love it more for all the hard work you put in it.

    WTH? Your posts have not come up on my reader so I was curious how I missed all these lovely posts!!

  5. really cool poster! good luck on the move btw. Happy Monday!

  6. i love that poster! i bought one (similar to that...the Keep Calm & Carry On poster) and it too is irregularly sized. I ended up making something work with an Ikea matted frame, and just placing the poster above the matting.
    sooo cute!

  7. You know I love that poster!


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