24 April, 2009

blown off

This week has been a little bit awful for me. I have been agonizing and waiting for a phone call over this flower shop job. You may remember me mentioning it here. The owner said she would call me on Monday. TO SET UP TRAINING. In my mind that means I have the job. I mean that's what anyone would think, right? 

She never called on Monday so I called her on Tuesday. She said she would call me right back, but she didn't. I called today, and one of her employees said she was "on the other line" and took a message. I doubt she'll call me back this time either. I'm pretty certain I am being blown off. 

This woman doesn't know that this little part time job would have changed our lives. We would have been able to move into an apartment with more than one room in an area that wasn't considered the ghetto. We would have been able to afford car insurance and pay all our bills on time and go out to dinner sometimes. She doesn't know how high my hopes were and that I was really counting on this. I was trusting what she said. She didn't have to say that. She shouldn't have said it if she wasn't positive.

I am sad, frustrated, and dejected. And, honestly, I'm feeling really sorry for us right now.


  1. aw that sucks. I would have thought the same thing...that I had the job. Especially if she said that she would call about training.

    I'm sorry your day was like this...that definitely wasn't cool of her. but this means that there is a BETTER job waiting in the wings for you. this means that you were saved from having to work with a lady like her.

    so just take it in stride and say, "eff you lady...we do not need you"

    I hope your weekend is full of FUN and SUN! don't let this bring you down!!!!! at least you have each other, right? RIGHT!

    ps - sorry for long comment...i tend to ramble :0/

  2. Hang in there, it's tough but there is better job out there. this is just the tough part but once the promise land arrives (aka the job!) you are freeee!!

  3. Oh Jasmine, hang in there. I believe that if a door closes, a bigger one (not just a window) opens! *hugs*

  4. oh man, funny as it may be, i was wondering about you yesterday. i'm sorry it didn't work out, but God must have something else in mind for you. (: i am however, extremely sorry that it didn't work out, i know how excited you were. ): i'll keep praying!

  5. What a bitch! That's so unrespectful!
    Don't worry, a better job'll come along.

    I know, the Scribble Project Club isn't working right now... don't know why... you can see it here as well:

    Let me know what you think about it :)

    And about Daytum, I thought that'd be fun to use to record how many time I've been asked thisand this - working as a tourist guide, I'm asked the same questions VERY often. We'll see how it turns out at the end of the summer :)

  6. erratum: to use IT to record how many TIMES

  7. how frustrating! i hope things turn around soon, and you find an even better job, with people who really appreciate your talents.

  8. I'm sorry you had such a hard time last week! You are truly lovely and things will turn up. I'm sure of it! :)


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