09 April, 2009


today was an html day. i have been fiddling around with the format of my blog for awhile now, and my brain feels all twisted. i was able to figure a lot out, but things still aren't perfect which, of course, drives me crazy! all i can see are the mistakes! like my header - it's not centered. that's driving me nuts! how do i center that thing?? and why can't twitter make it easier to put a follow me on twitter link on my blog? seriously. i have been searching for twitter badges and twitter birds and how to do this and that, but twitter hates me so i'm taking a break for this evening. secretly, i think twitter just hates macs or safari in general. 

anyway, i think i'm just going to get a book to figure out some of this html stuff out. after all, you really can't trust everything you read on the internet. ha!

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  1. I wish I coud help (especially as I'm using a mac) but I'm not a twitter-girl...

    Your header is perfectly centered on my computer... Maybe there's a twitter-blogger-whatever conspiracy against you... maybe ;)


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