18 April, 2009

it's almost that time again!

So You Think You Can Dance comes back on May 21. It's only a little more than a month away! FINALLLLLLLY!!! I have been impatiently waiting since last season ended. Oooooo, I hope we have cable and a DVR by then so we can record it!

the cast from last season - my favorite so far

I am obsessed. Hopefully, some of you are too? 

In other news, I rode a ferris wheel all by myself yesterday.
Kinda strange, but oh so fun. I plan on taking Levi back tonight or tomorrow since it doesn't run all the time (it's the dreaded Long Beach Grand Prix this weekend, so that's why they're running it).

Oh poo. The collage cut off the rule I thought was funny - "Participants that are visibly upset cannot ride."

Doesn't the Long Beach Marina look so pretty? That's the Queen Mary out there. The Queen Mary is SOOOO much fun to explore. It's pretty much unsupervised, so you can poke your head into all sorts of places you aren't supposed to and get into loads of trouble. I once climbed one of the smoke stacks. Here's proof:

Please pardon all the crummy camera phone shots.

For the record, I don't really like the Long Beach Grand Prix. We have to listen to noisy racecars all weekend, the city is jam-packed with people, there is even less parking than usual, and people drive all crazy, like they think they are the racecar drivers.

It is kind of an experiment in people watching though...which I always love. One of the many joys of life in Long Beach!


  1. I love "So You Think You Can Dance" too!! Last season was awesome. I'm excited for this season as well, so you're not alone. Do you know the date of the premiere?

  2. YES! I am so excited for So You Think You Can Dance!! Aha! Jasi, seriously! How is it possible we have not verbally discussed this?! I was so in love with the black guy who wore the glasses which I am ashamed to say I don't even remember his name.. :/ Tick? Tock? Something weird like that.

  3. twitch!! hehe. I loved him too but am happy that Josh won!

  4. yeah, it was twitch ivy. you were pretty in love with him! we get to see our dad again! yayyy! i hope he dances this season. hahahaa!

    lilies, it premiers on may 21...it's a wednesday, i think. and it's a 2 hour premiere. yayyy! josh was really good, but i really think katie should have won. ugh. she is amaaaaaazing.

  5. Aww Nigel Daddy! Remember that video we found of him?

  6. yeah! it was so funny! ahhh dad back in the day.

    hahahaa! we're weirdos.

  7. The ferris wheel is so fun. I wonder if you show visible signs of being upset after the ride starts, what would happen? You could act like you are about to throw up over the edge or something. My twisted sense of humor at work.

    What software do you use for your collages?

  8. People watching is definitely one of my favorite hobbies - the weirder the place, the better!

    And that's hilarious about the sign. Too bad it got cut off.

  9. teri, i used picnik for this collage (picnik.com). i did something else for all my other collages, but picnik is much easier, and they look better. it's free and awesome! check it out!


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