09 April, 2009

when in doubt, go with a numbered list.

1. Levi got glasses today! He can see finally! And he looks so cute and smart. I've always been attracted to men with glasses, and now that Levi has them, he's even MORE perfect than every other man on the planet. Pictures to come when we have a chance.

2. I'm a blonde again! Yay! My hair color changes pretty much every 4-6 weeks. It's such a luxury. The brown was fun, but I was born a blonde so I always prefer it. I don't have a picture to share yet, but I will soon. In the meantime, I will show you this picture of me with longish hair before Levi chopped it all off.

3. My friend Theresa sent me a letter a couple days ago on this adorable stationery that I am obsessed with. Seriously, how cute is this??? Also, has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to find letter-writing stationery these days? I don't mean notecards. I mean sheets of paper with envelopes. I can only find plain stuff. I want to find cute fishies like Theresa did!

4. My letter was sealed with this little sticker. I loved it so much that I stuck it to my laptop. It makes me really happy.

5. A boy in my ballet class asked me if I would model for some dance shots for him on Monday! I said yes, but I'm a little shy having my picture taken sooooo we'll see....

6. Dark chocolate almonds are the besssstest.

7. I neeeeed to stop getting distracted by things like almonds so that I can finally finish my taxes!


  1. Why THE HELL does that God awful picture of me continue to turn up!

  2. Also, 7 is funny! Congratulations on making me chuckle.

  3. yay! you think i'm funny! and sorry about the picture. i think it's cute though. just focus on john in the background making that lame face and your cool sun pinata!

  4. You're gonna be a model! You're gonna be a model! :)

    This stationery is adorable! Here's the one I use:
    Beautiful box with paper sheets, envelopes and postcards.

    I think your header looks better in yellow :)

    I'm moving to Norway on Tuesday, of course nothing's ready yet as I spend most my days reading for the exam I'm taking there on Thursday. I love travelling but hate packing. So I keep postponing it... Typical. I can't wait to settle down.

  5. ooh, that stationary is adorable! so, the dresses i did on polyvore, they have all of the prices listed on their for each dress if you go look on there! unfortunately, they are all like $200+ :( which is why i want to learn to sew and make my own dresses :) but i'm sure that's SOOO much harder than i could even wrap my head around hehe

  6. I have a problem with eating way too many dark chocolate covered almonds. Every time I go to this one store, I have to buy a little bag from the bulk food section. It's my treat for actually going to the grocery store.


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