21 April, 2009

love, mamma mia, and a celebrity crush

Levi bought Mamma Mia! for me the other day! I really really realllly love this movie, and he really really realllly doesn't want to see it, so I thought it was pretty sweet of him to voluntarily welcome it into our home. Love will make you do crazy things, eh? (apparently, I am a bad impersonation of a Canadian now.)

Now is a good time to express my ardent love for Amanda Seyfried. You know how sometimes you just totally fall in love with an actress or a singer or some other random complete stranger you will never ever meet? Amanda Seyfried is it for me. She's just so freakin pretty! And you know she'd be super nice in real life. She just looks nice. And she's that kind of pretty where you can't even be jealous of her because she looks like a girl you could be lifelong friends with. I'm gushing. Here are some pictures to stop me from further embarrassing myself.

But seriously, how pretty is she?!?


  1. Great post...My Dad gave me that movie but I haven't watched it yet...I think now I will:) She is very pretty:)

  2. She kinda looks like your sis a bit.

  3. *waves* blog hopping ^_^

    I liked her in this movie too. This might actually be the only one I like her in. Hahaha. I wasn't her fan on Mean Girls, and she was OK on Veronica Mars.

    But yes, she's pretty and natural ^_^

  4. She's unconventially gorgeous. I'll be watching "Big Love," and one moment I'll find her beautiful and another, a little awkward, but I think that's what makes her so very striking.

  5. i'll have to let her know you said so, indie! she'll like that. :)

  6. I love her ...I think she is unbelievably fresh and gorgeous ...I don't know how she manages to be fair and blonde and still come off exotic. girl crush :)

  7. yes she's pretty (=


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