08 April, 2009

the end of another "weekend"

Well, our "weekend" is over today (we have a Monday/Tuesday weekend because Levi's a hair stylist). It was freakin exhausting and, honestly, involved a little too much bickering for both our tastes. Apartment hunting will do that to you, especially since we have soooo many limitations in what we can afford and the very specific area we want to live in. There aren't a whole lot of studios where we want to live, and the cheapest one bedrooms are a couple hundred out of our reach. Ugh. We have decided to sit tight and keep looking. We don't want to be hasty again and end up in a place that's less than suitable. We'll find something. It's just going to take longer than we thought.

So there's a possibility that I might have a temporary job pretty soon! I'm afraid to talk about it for fear of jinxing it, but jinxes aren't real so I need to get over that. Levi's salon's owner wants to have me help out doing "express facials" at the salon a couple days a week for a couple months. A few times a year, they hire people to sell a ton of these "visit" packages that allow new clients to come to the salon four different times to have four different services performed, all for under $50. The other estheticians don't really want to do all the "visit" facials, so that's where I would come in to help out. I would get hourly pay and tips. We're really hoping it works out! The money would help tremendously. 

And to sum up our weekend, here are some photos from Ivy's family birthday celebration. My mom made steak, corn on the cob, a SUPER delicious salad (I actually skipped the steak because this salad was so good), and strawberry shortcake for dessert. We also had a tumultuous game of charades (I get WAY too competitive during charades), and Levi watched the Lakers game. :) Unfortunately, my brother is NOWHERE to be found in these photos. He was downstairs changing the oil in his car. Weirdo!

This is Levi multi-tasking - eating corn, watching the Lakers, & making one of his classic photo faces.

my sister-in-law, Chrystal, reading - she had a lot of homework due the next day.

My mom & I are slicing strawberries for the shortcake.

me & mom :)

and finally...the birthday girl!

And now I am off to start my week with some much needed ballet! 

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  1. I ::heart:: ballet! I used to dance...broke my knee doing a piece, but I still enjoy it.


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