27 April, 2009

dancing fools

dinner at my mom's last night turned into an all out dance party.

each of us danced like we were all by ourselves in a dark room with no windows.

like crazy people.

it was amazing.


  1. Sounds like dinner at my mother's house! We spent last thanksgiving dancing around the living room to some happy house music. :)

  2. dancing parties with the family are the best. although i would be in the corner sitting in the chair watching everyone...

  3. i'm glad you had a good night!

  4. FUN! it's always great to let your hair down every once in a while and just dance like noone's watching =).

  5. that is THE best way to dance...

    gurl...strips are all that and a bag of sun chips hahaha

    and I’m also a member of the itty bitty titty committee…I’m a B cup, but some days I think I’m smaller.

    Anyyyyway is right! Thanks! Exercising is not a easy thing to be motivated about…but I decided that if I want that beach body the fat isn’t going to fall off by itself.

    How long have you been in ballet? I used to dance professionally, but I broke my knee doing modern so that kind of screwed up my chances to continue.

    Hahahaha boys have it so much easier than us chicas…I don’t understand it.

  6. that does sound amazinig!! and i can't stand that adorable photo of you and your boy to the left. love it!!

    and as for your question- it's a swimsuit. i love love love it and i love yellow!! i got it last summer at Macy's. Also, that yellow coat you're talking about is from Urban. I don't know if they still have coats out though this time of year...

    happy monday/!!

  7. Oh impromptu dance parties are the bestest!

  8. I declared Sundays to be our weekly Rockercise days.

    Rockercisin' Sundays!

  9. yeah rockercise sundays! i don't know if we could ever make it that amazing again though.

  10. Yeah, what made it great was that it was so organic.

  11. how fun! the family i grew up in was never this cool, but i swear by golly the family i make with my husband will be! (:

  12. It was super fun stomping and twirling and jumping together. We were so eclectic with jesse's rain dance coupled with your turgia tey's and Ivy's "breakfast club" rendition!

  13. Hahahaha about the urban slang…girl, trust me when I say that I do not sound very urban saying it…its like puckering my lips perfectly (think fish) to make sure I am pronouncing these words correctly. Its like some days I am THE urbaniest person you know, then other days I am the definition of Stepford wife hahaha

    When I finally get a job and pay things off I will attempt dance again. My heart is with modern, but I think I’ll be taking a ballet class as well. I wish my mom had kept me in it when I was younger (started at about 5)...Back then I was a “follower” and decided not to dance with some other kids because it was sooo “uncool”…now I realize that was a huge mistake. Then about 10 years later my mom put me back into it, then I broke my knee in 2005. I have more good days than bad so I just take it all in stride. Its great that you are attempting modern. Are you dancing at a school or is this a studio?

    Oh & I can most definitely dance for fun. I am a beast in the club…I just let the music take over..just shaking here, shaking there, arms all over the place…


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