24 April, 2009

Disneyland through the eyes of a two year old

Disneyland highlights:

- 2 year old Jovie running up a flight of stairs and sliding down a slide about 20 times
- Jovie getting so tired that she decided to just lay down right where she was standing, on the ground
- spending time with Cassi finally and catching each other up on all the happenings of our lives
- eating an amaaaazing corn dog (I want another one right now)
- soft serve vanilla ice cream with a grape syrup swirl
- Jovie making a run for it straight into a water play area and getting soaked through; it was about 60 degrees and sprinkling; kids are crazy
- taking pictures of the fake elephants from the Jungle Cruise boat (you know you love elephants a little too much when you take pictures of fake ones)
- biggest highlight of the day: Jovie saying, "I love Jassamint" when it was time for me to go home

Jovie and her beautiful mom, Cassi

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  1. Aaawwww she's so cute! I love being around my niece and nephew - their laughs and energy are contagious! have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! She's so big!

  3. yea...i'm jealous! my weekend will consist of sand in my cervices lol I plan to hit the beach and listen to the ocean.

    looks like you guys had a blast though!!!!

  4. aw i wish i would have seen this earlier! I have a disneyland pass! i don't know what is wrong with my reader!! i think i am going to do the "follow" me thing.

  5. GREAT PICTURES! God this kid is oh so cute!!!

  6. Ca-ute kid! Disneyland rocks...I haven't been in a couple years unfortunately. :( Tear...

  7. I cant wait to take my son to Disney World! Being with a child really puts the world in a different perspective. There is so much joy in the little things that you normally wouldnt notice.

    BTW, Im glad I found your blog. I am looking forward to looking back at all your old posts =]

  8. Aw I love Disneyland! I used to work there. I want to be a Disney Imagineer one day.

    That kid was super cute!!

    and the corn dogs from Disneyland are my love, I totally want one now.


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