06 April, 2009

linkity link link!

Some days other people say it best, and today is one of those days! I am just loving everyone else's posts today and wanted to share my favorites, just in case we don't all read the same blogs already! :)

Let me appeal to your vanity on this one - if you are part of a couple, live in the Utah area, and would like some amazing photos of you and your other half to help build a photographer's portfolio, please talk to Maddie HERE.

I can't stop looking at these gorgeous twinkle light inspiration photos from Melanie at You Are My Fave. go
HERE, and see if you love them as much as I do!

Dreamy, ethereal, GORGEOUS spring dresses to be seen at Coco & Kelley

Stelabird's kicka*s new layout

Do mascara ads that always use fake eyelashes tick you off as much as they tick me off?? If so, see what Maegan has to say about it

To see the latest from a super cool photo project Diana is participating in, go

And finally, check out this cute little car that Josh and Naomi, of the Rockstar Diaries, just bought

Today is like my Saturday (since Levi's a hairstylist, he has funny hours), so I'm off to enjoy my weekend! Hope you all are having beautiful Mondays!


Maddie said...

aw :) you're too sweet. LOVE that picture of the two of you! and i will definitely be checking out these other links! thank you :)

Stela said...

First, thank you so much for sweet comment about the new layout!
AND second, THANK YOU for including a link on your blog for it!! Yous the best! :D

Lee S. said...

Found you via my friend Maddie! Love your blog :)

Diana said...

eee thanks for the comment! I never thought of my stuff as "super cool"! I am so dorky, haha.

freeteyme said...

thanks for sharing these blog links - will definitely pay them a visit!

Annisa NF said...

thanks for sharing, dear. nice blog anyway :D


Diana said...

hey i know joyce, meghan and pheoebe. my friend amy put two and two together when she saw your profile! crazy, huh??

Diana said...

i actually know joyce better and meghan and phoeb's are just friends of a friend type thing, but yeah, super crazy!! i knew you lived in long beach but that is nuts!

Diana said...

Oh, no, I think you are thinking of Diana Brinks. I grew up with Joyce and hung out with her friends a couple times. I hang out with my husband more, haha. The Amy that I'm talking about is Joyce's friend too. She hangs out every now and then, but she isn't married. Her last name is Bach and she lives in Fullerton also. I think the Amy you are thinking of I met like one time, haha. SMALL WORLD.

Unknown said...

so cute!!! ...have fun! ...cute linky link post! {thanks for the mention :)}

Diana said...

I still can't get over it, but then again, you live in Long Beach, and Joyce knows *everyone* (seriously) so it should not surprise me!
She tells me how great Levi is with her hair, too! Now I can put a face with the name!

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