31 March, 2009


We feasted on this bread, cheese, and salami at Naples Gourmet Grocer. Oh yum. Let me tell you - that cheese is the cow's reason for existing. It's crumbly, tangy, and just delicious. I live for lunches like this - just a couple simple, high quality things. So satisfying. Shamefully, we did eat all that bread. We didn't finish the cheese though so that should kinda let me off the hook. And we must keep in mind that Levi's metabolism can handle about 5,000-6,000 calories a day. No joke. He never gets that much, but that's why he has the luxury of trying to gain weight. That is a high class problem right there.

And a couple more photos. This is Levi practicing being cute (bonus - you can see the shop in the background, filled with all kinds of delicious speciality items).

And this is me practicing my spokesmodeling. In the photo on the right, Levi directed me to do an anime ad.

We also worked a little bit more on our collaborative art project today. Here is a preview!

And that is that. Today concludes our weekend. Levi's back to work tomorrow, and I shall miss him during the days, as usual. But I've got a lot of things I'm looking forward to doing this week, so it will be good!


  1. aw you guys are cute and that cheese looks so good!

  2. aw, love the headband! so cute! and i'm a huge cheese and bread fan :) i love havarti, jarlsberg, brie.. i probably spelled all of those wrong, but they are delicious! mmm, now i'm hungry.

  3. adorable pictures, looks like you guys had a cute picnic :)
    xx zee

  4. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  5. "that cheese is the cow's reason for existing" SO TRUE !
    cute headband :)

  6. you look so cute spokesmodeling! i simply adore that headband. loverly. ;)


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