22 March, 2009

I'll have some more sangria, please.

Last night was fun. Levi made $130 in tips yesterday! We usually just count on $40 a day when budgeting stuff (he's a hairstylist, btw...don't know if I ever mentioned that before - it explains why my hair is always a different color). So to celebrate we went to Lola's on 4th St. (retro row in LB) and had their AMAZINGLY delicious creamy green salsa and chips and some delicious sangria. Mmmmm. I love sangria. There should be public drinking fountains that spout out icy cold delicious sangria all over the place. Lola's is really delicious as long as you order the right stuff. Their mole, birria, and shrimp are really good, but the enchiladas I had last night were bland. The meal was still delicious though. Afterwards, we went to the Blue Cafe to watch our friends Centrevol perform. They did this Beatles cover at the end (Daytripper, and it went into Hey Jude at the end) that was really good. They always have a really original take on covers and tweak em just enough to make them interesting without destroying the song. So yeah, we had a fun time together last night. It was a nice little date.



  1. id be down for sangria spouting fountains for sure!! sounds fun :)

  2. you guys had fun!!

    thanks for following! I added yours to my Google Reader yesterday! :)

  3. Hello there lovely girl! That is beyond funny that you thought we were from Long Beach! Im so glad that I don't scream "utah" when looked at...so thank you! You are beyond adorable and I've loved looking at your blog.
    Thanks so much for your comment, and I am glad you found me so I can now follow your life...love it!


  4. aw thanks so much :) man, i wish MY boyfriend did hair! that WOULD be convenient! i tried the really short hair thing last summer and i could just not pull it off like you can! it kinda felt like it was in an awkward stage from the beginning, but i'm sure i just don't know how to style it right. love your blog! :)


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