23 March, 2009

Pirouettes make me happy.

Why today was awesome:

1. My entire body (literally from my neck to the arches of my feet) is sore today from the yoga I've been doing at home every day since Saturday. It's that good kind of sore where you know you're doing something really good for your body, and every time you feel the pain, you're grateful that it's working.

2. I had a TON of energy in ballet today because of the yoga....the red bull probably didn't hurt either. I love red bull.

3. I did two PERFECT pirouettes in ballet today. I suck at pirouettes so I was really excited. My spotting is what did it. I was proud.

4. The  ten stems of daffodils I bought at Trader Joe's for $1.29 were blooming this morning and gorgeous. Can you believe how cheap they were???

There's my daffodils in the kitchen, displayed in a champagne flute. Ha!

5. Levi and I went to South Coast Plaza just to walk around and look at stuff. It was fun. They had some really gorgeous flowers in planters all over the place. Every time I saw them, I had to touch them. I'm like a honeybee that way. I'm drawn to flowers, and just looking at them isn't enough.

Levi's snack at the mall - an entire baguette. His metabolism makes me jealous.

Ahhh! I love good days and good moods!


  1. hehe, that picture of your man eating the baguette makes me giggle! and i have always wanted to get into yoga! would it be hard if your really not flexible? lol. great pics, LOVE The flower shots!

  2. you do ballet?? i love it. i live literally, like literally right next to the Anaheim Ballet School and a lot of the dancers live in my building, so I always see them walking around.

    I am actually thinking of doing the project with someone!

  3. I was thinking of someone doing the book too and once we are done, i guess compare. i guess i just don't have that creative bug so i want to see what other people's book looks like :P

  4. That would be so cool! I got a few people getting into it, I think it would be a fun blogesphere project for the community!

  5. So happy and jealous that your got those flowers for so cheap...and they are gorgeous! love it!

  6. Hey! I also have an obsession with the Trader Joe's daffodils -- I buy a new bunch every week (it's one of my only splurges -- I feel ya in the sparse banking account department) and put them in a vase on my nightstand, next to my alarm clock. When I wake up in the morning, instead of throwing things, I smile at my flowers.

    Loving your blog :)


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