20 March, 2009

at least i'm pretty.

This is a text message conversation Levi and I had recently.

Levi: Are we out of laundry detergent?
Jasmine: No I don't think so. I don't remember being out of detergent.
Levi: Where is it? I can only see snuggle fabric softener up high in the kitchen.
Jasmine: It's up high in the kitchen in a blue bottle. It's blue sparkle "flavored."
Levi: That's fabric softener, not detergent.
Jasmine: Shoot. Really??? That's what I've been washing our clothes with.
Levi: LOL...Yeaaah... well baby, at least you're pretty!


  1. ok too funny. you know that i washed our clothes for an entire years with FABRIC SOFTENER and never even knew it until my husband kindly pointed it out. felt like such an idiot but hey, at least our clothes were always soft!!!



  2. really?? you too?? ohh that makes me feel a little bit better. i have to buy dish soap today, and he was teasing me saying, "make sure it's not fabric softener or jet dry." woooopsie! :)

  3. Same here same here!
    I did exactly the same, it took me 2 months before finding out (all by myself so no one ever heard about it)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on myblog Jasmine, I appreciate A LOT!

    I'll be back for more! :)

  4. :) of course, adeline!

    it is really so wonderful to hear that i am not the only one out there using fabric softener as detergent!! i will definitely be informing my boyfriend.

  5. That so sounds like something I would do!

  6. i happened upon your blog through naomi's and have since fell in love with your way of expressing yourself, with such wit and candor... so i have gone back to some of your old posts.
    this one is absolutely adorable...
    you bring a smile to my face

  7. This is too funny! (I love your blog, by the way.)

    p.s. You should sell those bottle cap magnets on Etsy!


  8. to say that is the most endearing thing i've heard in awhile is an understatement.
    ah, loved it!

  9. Adorable. You captured a great moment of married life there! I hope to do the same with my infant blog one day.




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