30 March, 2009

I guess you can call it procrastination.

It's funny how having a blog can make you feel guilty when you don't do something you said you were going to do. Levi and I were supposed to do some spring cleaning and studio beautifying today but, alas, we did not. Levi was too tired from a 6 day work week - most days at least 9 hours of back to back haircuts. Ugh. Poor boy. :/ Maybe we'll get around to it tomorrow. 

We have been working on a little collaborative art project today though! As soon as I finish, I will be sharing. It is going on our Royal Tennenbaums wall...which I have yet to show you. Oh, you just wait! 

So, while I have nothing to show for any hard work I did today, I do have pictures from what we did on Saturday night to share! We just went out early in the evening with some of Levi's coworkers to celebrate one of the girls passing her state board exam. We left before the girls got all wild and crazy as we had some very important movie watching to get home to (Death to Smoochy - it was pretty good, by the way).

*Ummmm, please excuse my slight wardrobe malfunction - had some trouble with the shirt/bra thing. :/ Sorry! I swear I'm not a floozy!!

sometimes Levi refuses to smile for real

see what i mean??

he's pretty good. i am NOT.

yummiest, biggest, juiciest slice of an orange everrrr


  1. aw i have a royal tenenbaums wall! now i really wanna see!! i think i may have posted it too...i will find it for you...

    you guys are so cute!! i can't wait to see your creative minds combine!

  2. haha, yeah you totally want that song on your ipod now i bet ;)

    i found the post for you

  3. do it! you don't need money, just a lot of thought and creativity and people to bring the food, haha.

    for my cosmo project i had to model a dollhead after a pic and i chose crazy margo with her classic bob!
    i think you would make a lovely margo!
    i was ari(or uzi) for halloween a few years ago when i had my 'fro. too strikingly similar.


    I got a autographed script for a christmas gift from the movie. when i tell people they think i am such a dork, but you understand, right? :)


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