28 March, 2009

some of my faves...

these are some of my favorite photos by little sister Ivy...they're mostly of me and Levi. i think maybe we're vain? haha! :/ oh yes - the black and white of me with Levi on my back (to the right of your screen) is by Ivy as well. it's one of our favorite photos.

anyway, i like what she's does with a camera. she's a talent, and i'm sharing her with you.

ivy's self portrait

the family dog - Buttercup!!

for some reason, levi and i both love this photo even though it's just not very flattering!

classy. i'm biting my nails. :/

Butter loves the hose.

my boy is so GOOD TO LOOK AT!!


Elizabeth said...

all of those photos are so amazing! your sister is quite talented!

Anonymous said...

she's very talented! I love the one where you're drawing :)

Diana said...

she is talented!

Stela said...

wow! Ivy's awesome!
And buttercup is precious times

indie<3 said...

The second to last one is my fav. Gorgeous. Ivy is brilliant photographer. :]

carina said...

your sis is uber talented - i adore the photo above your 'about me'.

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