27 March, 2009

making do.

I think Levi and I have finally given up on being out of the studio anytime soon (we thought we'd be able to move into a one or two bedroom a few months ago, but I still haven't found a job). And, as a result, we have finally started hanging stuff on the walls (we've lived here for almost 8 months now). On Monday, we're going to move a bunch of stuff into our storage unit and get a couple things out to decorate with. I had always thought that it wouldn't be worth it to try decorating this place because it is so incredibly ugly (emerald green carpet and puke brown fake fireplace - blech), but it actually looks better already. And it feels more like home with some of Levi's paintings on the walls. Here are a couple things we've put up already. I'll share more next week after our overhaul on Monday.

P.S. If any of you ever sees a painting of Levi's that you want in your own home, please let me know. As sad as I would be to see some of them go, they are all for sale. Just wait til you see the one we're putting up on Monday!

painting by Levi above our tremendous stacks of DVDs

painting by Levi above ugly "fireplace"
i really like how well my wooden dancer on the left goes with this painting


  1. This is a beautiful painting, very talented!

    Emerald Green carpet? I want to live there!!

  2. wow, i really like those!!

  3. his paintings are so beautiful

  4. the fake fire place doesn't look so bad! at least not with levi's painting hanging above it. :)

  5. Those paintings are AWEsome.

  6. his paintings really are very beautiful. we're not real full of talent around our house, so van gogh has been my choice of decoration. (: we just hit that "we're stuck here" realization last week.. which is when i finally hung the paintings. only took me a whole year. sigh. i feel ya.

  7. I especially love the first one, amazing, great work!

  8. Hey!!! I just found your blog and love it! My fiance and I live up in L.A. and are not quite as financially challenged as you guys are right now, but as Scott started his own business last year and still has yet to take a paycheck from it (ouch!) your attitude is super inspiring! xo

    Don't know if the paintings are still up for sale, but I'm definitely interested! Love the first one and would love to see more. Email me? Thanks!


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