05 March, 2009

Free Fun for All!

We saw the coolest thing the other night! Either someone backed into a fire hydrant or it just broke (the cop said this has been known to happen), and the result was a huge geyser 50-60 feet in the air. The firefighters could not find the right access hole to shut the water off so it took them about 30 minutes after their arrival to finally get it under control. It was nuts! It was about 10:00 at night, and everyone in the neighborhood was out watching, taking pictures, laughing, and talking. It was actually a whole ton of fun. The police officer, who was overseeing the catastrophe, was super cool and kept coming over to talk to me and Levi. We kept joking with him, saying that this was good, clean, FREE fun during a recession. :) Once the firefighters got the flow down about 2/3, he even let people get in the water. Haha! There were some crazy girls who kept getting closer and closer and finally went in. I don't know why they would! It's cold! Granted we live in Long Beach, CA, but still! This is not Chicago in the summertime! Here are my terribly terribly crappy photos of the event.

Please note the streetlight and how much higher the water goes above it!

That's me getting as close as I dared.

The firefighters had to get right under the flow of water. It was coming down hard too. The pressure was 80 psi, and that's a lot!


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