27 June, 2009


it's finally sunny and warm in southern california today! hooray!

our summers don't usually start 'til july here.

it's the payback for having brilliant weather all year round.

i woke up late today and made a trip to the post office to mail cara the puzzle we just finished.

she had the amazing idea to do a puzzle swap! i love mail, so i was completely on board!

i hope you and jonah like the puzzle, cara!

and right now i am enjoying a cupcake and a coca-cola in honor of nie nie's birthday today.

a little cupcake shop in utah is donating their proceeds today from the sales of their vaNIElla squared cupcake. since i don't live in utah, i grabbed a cupcake from my local cupcakery and made a small donation to the stephanie nielson fund. i encourage you all to do the same! and if you haven't read the nie nie dialogues, i encourage you to start now!

happy birthday, nie nie! i hope it's the best birthday you've had in all your 28 years. you truly deserve it.


  1. I promise your package will be coming soon...I am working on a piece...and its difficult. So bear with me! :) Um. btw that cupcake looks amazing..is that coconut on top?? MmmmMm

  2. That cupcake looks so delicious!

  3. Nie's blog makes me tear up all the time -- she's so strong!!

  4. She certainly does deserve it. Cheers to her!

  5. I received my recipe this morning and can't wait to try to duplicate it! :)
    Cupcakes and cola...the best!

  6. Have a great Sunday and enjoy your cupcake :-)

  7. What a great idea...the puzzle swopping!

    Thanks for stoppin by my blog!

    Enjoy the cupcake!

  8. yay! you're awesome!

    and way to celebrate someone else. we should get into the habit of doing that more. especially people worth celebrating like stephanie!

  9. Thank you for introducing me to The Nei Nei Dialogues.
    I am totally blown away.
    Really puts life into perspective, huh?!

  10. That cupcake looks DELISH! What a wonderful way to celebrate Nie!

    p.s.. love your hair. I so wish I could pull that off!

  11. All your talk about cupcakeries through out your blog made me want to eat at one. I found one where we are going today... but it's closed on Mondays!!!! :(


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