20 June, 2009

allow me to yammer for a moment before getting to the point

i had every intention of posting earlier today, but i had a very slow and late start this morning (really, this afternoon) due to a very late night at work.

our hotel/restaurant hosted an after-party for one of the films at the LA Film Festival. the film sounds pretty interesting, and i absolutely plan on netflixing it (don't you just love making new verbs based on websites - i.e., googling, imdbing, etc.). it's called It Might Get Loud, and it's "a documentary on the electric guitar from the point of view of three rock legends."

our VIP guests were Jack White and Jimmy Page...with a special appearance by John C. Reilly. i had the pleasure of serving all three gentleman, and they all seemed like very nice fellows. you don't even know how much i was flipping out on the inside about meeting John C. Reilly. i happen to think he is an INCREDIBLE actor, and he is in one of my all time favorite movies, The Anniversary Party. needless to say, it was a pretty cool experience, and the night went very late. i didn't get home til after 3:00, and i wasn't in bed til after 4:00.

alright, with that said, let me move on to the real reason i am posting today!

i am such a lucky girl. i have made so many great friends through my blog - people i legitimately care about and who legitimately seem to care about me! one of these people is dee from our little love nest. i love dee. she is a gorgeous person inside and out. she has a fabulous husband and the cutest family (her youngest, bella, makes me want to have babies this very instant - NOW!). i seriously think she started having babies when she was five because she is sooo beautiful and looks like a 20 year old. every time she talks about her teenagers, i am in shock.

annnnyway, dee has a little etsy shop where she sells her beautiful art. you have to go check it out! i know you'll find something you love, and her prints are very affordable. levi and i saw an original in her shop that we really loved. we thought it would look pretty spiffy in our dining area. so guess what i got in the mail yesterday as a little surprise birthday/house-warming gift?!?

the framed original and a beautiful little note!

we love it, and we are so grateful to dee for being so thoughtful to give it to us.

thank you so much, dee! your gift and your generous spirit made my week!


  1. i love the last picture!
    so excited you saw celebs! i'm still not used to mingling with them when scott goes to parties either @_@

  2. Yay that it arrived safely to your new flat. Thank you for your luvin'! You are too sweet! I just got back from an ice cream trip with the family and then saw your note. I love that the world has people like you. xo
    (did a little linky thank you on our blog too but I think all our readers already read and love your blog)

  3. btw...I am swooning over the fact that you got to serve Jimmy Page! (and the others too of course) You lucky girl. xo

  4. I love that we can make such close friends by such impersonal means! I've met a few friends like this through blogging too. And she is such a great artist! I'll have to go check her out a little more.

  5. That is so sweet of dee:) And it does sit pretty on your table!

  6. oh nice ^_^

    pretty art -- I LOVE the feathers!

  7. that is beautiful. you have some great blogging friends, jasmine!

  8. Okay...
    I LOVE Jimmy Page.
    And Our Little Love's Nest too.
    Lucky you!

  9. That is so cute!! Lucky you.
    And what a great night at work!

  10. isn't she the sweetest :) one of my favorite bloggers! i cant believe she has teenagers!! wayy to young and beautiful for me to ever guess that one! congrats on your neat new print!

  11. A. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Anniversary Party and i'm so jealous you got to meet john c. reilly.

    and B. that's is what's great(est) about the blogging world!

  12. What a beautiful gift !!!! It's lovely! Where are you going to hang it? Living room?

  13. that print is lovely and so is dee (: I can't wait to see where you hang it as well! have a great weekend, love. xx

  14. I love dee too, and have one of her feather clip boards! Her piece looks lovely in your home! xoxo

  15. Random acts of kindness. Ya really gotta love 'em!

    And I will be checking out her shop for sure!

  16. I got a surprise gift from a lovely blogging friend this weekend as well! Isn't this little community we have going filled with the most amazing and thoughtful people!? I absolutely love it. :)

  17. Um, I'm freaking out that you got to meet Jack White. In retrospect, it's probably better that I didn't meet him, as I would have spent the entire night trying to hug him.


  18. that party sounds like fun and the film is GREAT! (i work for a film fest here in dallas and we had it here) happy (late) birthday! i just celebrated mine too :)


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