22 June, 2009

i miss....

i love our new home SO much...

...but i've been really missing a few things since we moved.

i miss having the internet at home and reading all your blogs.

whenever i'm at a coffee shop, i always have about a bajillion things to get done, and the experience has lost that leisurely feeling.

i miss waking up to sunshine in our bedroom.

our new bedroom doesn't get sunshine which means we get better sleep, but still, i miss it.

i miss seeing lily. she's still hiding out in a closet most of the time.

and most of all, i miss levi.

we've only had one day together this month when he didn't have to work or move or study or something - my birthday.

and it was great, but i want more.

i want two whole days in a row where he has no obligations.

june is usually my favorite (it's tied with december), but this june's been hectic and crazy...

....and i kinda can't wait for july.


  1. hi! just found your blog and i love it! :) you and your bf are so cute! XOXOX

  2. Aww, June's almost over!

    I know how you feel, my guy has a theatre company and when there's a show up I feel like I pace around the quiet apartment, and when I see remnants of his life strewn about I think, Who is this stranger I live with? Absence is always a good thing in the end, I find :)

  3. of course you know the movie!! stellar points are racking up in your favor.

  4. Hang in there jas! I'm sure when everything settles you will find more "US" time with levi :)

  5. i think i'd miss the sunshine too. and i'm pretty sure i'd miss the internet! but i know i'd miss jas.

    but good job with the attitude.
    july's going to be here in just a minute. (i hope.)

  6. july is coming girl! it only gets better ... so hang in there!


  7. i feel the same way with my boyfriend! hes only had one day off in like the last 3 weeks,,its no fun :(

  8. Things will settle down soon I'm sure, and Lily will no doubt acclimate. Kitties are not known for the ability to adapt to change. :)

    I remember when Jack and I worked opposite schedules and barely saw each other. It was tough and lonely, but also temporary.

    July will be here before you know it!

  9. I don't know what i would do if i didn't see my lover more than one day this month! But a lot of that would be because i had the kids unassisted for all those days in a row...i'd surely need to up my medication ;)

    oh on our trip i saw this star trek arcade game with basically your 40 inch face on it. Actually it was actress Jeri Ryan with a giant metal star trek jewel around her eye, but it might as well have been you! have you heard that before? the resemblance is amazing, but you are of course much younger!


  10. aww I hate that. But at least maybe this makes you appreciate the time with him even more?

    june and december are my favorite months too...

    ANDD I'm sure shorts look amazing on you! You just have to find the right ones. It took me forever to find a pair I love, but the ones in the pictures are 15 dollars on sale from jcrew, one size too big... and I love them.

  11. I understand your feelings about not having the internet at home! We didn't have it for about 2 weeks, and going to the library or coffee shop to use it was hectic. Hope everything works out!

  12. It will get better. Making a new space cozy and yours takes time. After 3 years I am finally feeling like this place is ours. I hope Levi gets some free time soon to just kick back and relax with you. xo

  13. love your blog too! you guys are adorable...oh to spend some time in california. yes please.

  14. tell.me.about.it. What I would give for a week long get away, with nothing on the to-do list....

    it will all slow down again soon! :)

  15. I felt that way about May. Alex and I both come from families of 6, and each sibiling has a spouse, and lots of nieces and nephews. And we live about 45 minutes from where we grew up, so we're semi-obligated to make it to all b-days, holiday celebrations, etc. (and we for sure get the guilt trip if we don't) And don't get me wrong, I love family time, but some times it's too much. It would be nice to get to stay in our own town for a few weekends at a time. Alone, together, exploring new places in this town we call home. You know?

  16. Congrats on your new place!
    I hope things start dying down soon, so you can spend tons of quality chillin time.

  17. I miss spending time with my boy too -- he works usually about 8 or 9 days in a row, with one MAYBE two days off and it SUCKS.
    His job is crappy too :( So he's not even enjoying that time.
    It's. No. Fun.

  18. where did june go? i am running around like mad this week... trying to pack for south america and getting ready to move in with kiwi!

    take a deep breath. it will all be ok. soon your new place will feel like home:) keep your head up!

  19. Aw, chin up dear. June is almost over already. Only a few more days. It'll be okay. :)

  20. Can't wait for you to get internet at home.
    July'll be awesome!
    (Can't wait to get 3 days off for the first time in 3 weeks!)

  21. Awww it's not too far away.

  22. A belated Joyeux anniversaire to you, my dear! We just got back from Vienna and Budapest and can you believe I'll be in Cali in just 5 days from now! Yahooo!
    Take care,


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