19 June, 2009

my birthday pt. IV - the dinner

after a long afternoon of shopping (i got a really cute sweater! thanks for the birthday check lauren!!!), we finally went to dinner at 9:00 at night.


we walked to lucille's for some of my favorite - barbeque!!! mmmmm.

caught in the act.

ribs smothered in delicious bbq sauce make me smile.

they make levi feel like a cave man.

he doesn't like melon, but i do!

dinner also included a ridiculous laugh attack that had tears streaming down my face.

levi made a video (unbeknownst to me) of me doing the stupidest, geekiest looking dance everrrr. i wish i had the guts to show you guys. we thought it was pretty hilarious. but i'm not sure i'm brave enough.


  1. Oh please share!
    That food looks sooo good!

  2. Super fun Birthday Woman!! BBQ ribs, outta SIGHT!! Come visit my lbog and pay it forward with me!! Hurry!!


  3. Looks like an incredible day! :)
    Makes me happy you got to spend the whole day out and about with your Levi.
    Oh and love me some bbq and watermelon (especially with salt).

  4. i love lucille's! everything is delicious, i used to go once a week on saturdays when i worked at the salon!
    hey you know you should post a vid of levi doing the dance! ;)

  5. aww looks like the perfect birthday!!

  6. Those ribs look too juicy! Gimme some!

  7. Oh, come on! You mentioned the video, now YOU have to post it!

  8. Yes, I totally agree with ALI. PLEASE, post the video. It would be your birthday treat for us, readers!!! PLEASE.....

  9. You've gotta post the video now that you mentioned it.

    Got to.

  10. please show the video! i'm sure it would be absolutely hilarious.


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