15 June, 2009

the aftermath

you all know what i'll be up to today!

highlights from moving day:

- getting locked in our storage unit's parking lot with two trucks loaded up with my stuff
- discovering that our dining room table FITS in our dining room nook! soooo excited we don't have to buy one
- discovering that said dining room table actually looks a little awkward in said nook. whatever. we'll make it work.
- walking to the frosted cupcakery for a mid-move snack and finally starting to realize that we really do live here.
- getting rid of a HUGE pile of clothes
- discovering that i really don't have enough clothes
- deciding that i need to do some serious shopping
- sleeping in our new bedroom in silence. it was so quiet it was almost hard to sleep.



  1. how exciting you are building your own place together from scratch! and shopping! and cupcakes! life is amazing, isn't it?

  2. Awww! You moved in! Looking at your pictures over whelmed me all over again! lol. It looked a little too familiar. I wish I was there so I could help! :)

  3. bless you. seriously. i'm not sure i'd be up for that on a monday.

    but, what a happy move indeed! :)

  4. :) Sounds like such a blast - - you'll probably remember this move for ages! The joy of being in someplace totally new that is YOURS and wonderful makes the stress of moving worth it!

  5. Can't wait to see pics of when your house is all set up and you have a pie cooling on your dutch door!

  6. Yeah! Good luck getting everything set up, that part is always so exciting and so dang annoying!

  7. Hey girl- my ex is harassing me on my blog so I am going to have to change my address. Email me to JessP7@aol.com and I can give you the new address.

  8. your new place looks really nice, enjoy settling in!

  9. aw, i'm glad the move is going well thus far!

  10. Such a cute new place! I would help you unpack for a cupcake. ;)

  11. If I never move again, it will be too soon.

  12. you live in the walking distance to the frosted cupcakery!!

  13. Yay i'm so excited for you!!!!


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