12 June, 2009


dear levi,

your hugs and cuddles feel better than:

-freshly laundered sheets right after a shower
- smooth, shaved legs gliding through a swimming pool
- lily's tail slowly swatting my arm while i pet her
- sitting with my feet on one of those vibrating foot rests you pay a quarter for after a looooong day at disneyland
- the feeling i used to have when my long hair would float up all around me when i was under water in the bathtub (come to think of it, that might be the one thing i miss about long hair.)

anyway, baby, hugging you feels better than all those things. it feels better than anything. it soothes my soul. i'm sorry i'm annoying sometimes (lots of times lately), but i really like you a whole lot. you're my best friend in the world.

love always,
your jasi


  1. i love your hair! i cut allll my hair off a couple months ago and didn't pull it off nearly as well as you do :)

  2. So very, very sweet!
    I love the feel of freshly laundered sheets after a shower, but I agree, hugs from a loved one are even better. :)
    Have a happy weekend!

  3. Aww. You two are adorable together. :)

  4. aw, so sweet :) i love all of those things too! and your hair is adorable. i wish i could have pulled off short hair that well!

  5. Wow, Levi is quite amazing - nothing feels better than vibrating foot rests after Disneyland! ;)

    Love the blog! Have a great weekend!

  6. I need a new haircut! Don't you want to come to visit in Norway? Free accomodation for a haircut! That'd be a lot of fun to have you around... Think about it!

  7. This was so sweet, it inspired me to write a little one too!

  8. ♥ this is just the sweetest post my dear!! So gorgeous!! (I love my boys hugs as well, they somehow manage to make everything ok!!) Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  9. I think maybe I need to work on one of these for my guy. So sweet.

  10. Levi must be pretty bad arse cuz freshly laundered sheets after a shower is the are the cat's pajamas!

  11. and freshly laundered sheets do feel pretty awesome right after a nice hot bath...love that word laundered. great word.

    you two are simply inspirational!

  12. Awww! I'm touched. YOur posts makes me want to cuddle my hunny. :) Btw, your better than list AMAZING! Dittooooooo! ;))))))

  13. I think I have a shirt of the same design as Levi's~

  14. hurry up and have adorable babies!! ;)

  15. Hi Jasmine!
    I've been around for a while, but it's first time I comment.
    I love that all these love letters were posted yesterday (12th), because it's kinda Valentine's Day here in Brazil (only it has another name).
    By the way, your blog brightens my days!

  16. aw that is sooo sweet...you make me tear up.


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