24 March, 2011

we say "i love you" with cheese

levi wanted to do something sweet for me last week, so he surprised me with a cheese plate and framboise at home one night.

it probably sounds silly, but cheese plates are romantic to me. they remind me of our honeymoon where our tradition was to share a cheese plate and wine before dinner every night.

levi was really cute about this cheese plate in particular. he went to whole foods on his own one morning and chatted with my favorite cheese lady. they came up with this little number:


smoked gouda topped with adriatic fig preserves served with glazed pecans and mini croccantini


i skipped dinner that night just so i could refill the cheese plate.


  1. this is so sweet. yay for love!

  2. ummm... please see my previous comment from today. and give me that cheese plate.

  3. Every couple weeks we have cheese, bread, fruit and wine for dinner nights. They always end up to be one of my favorite nights of the month.

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  4. Yum! One of my best friends is the WF cheesemonger in my town and even though you and I live on opposite sides of the country, I think I've had this exact combination from Whole Foods. It's so delicious.


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