10 March, 2011

our first dance

i absolutely LOVE the song we chose for our first dance.

we both really love willie nelson, and his version of georgia on my mind is one of the most romantic songs in the world. it was exactly perfect for us. after we decided on it, we heard it everywhere. it still gives me a thrill to hear it out in the real world. for some reason, i feel like i have partial ownership of this song since it played such a special role on my wedding day.



i'm not gonna lie - i was absolutely terrified during our first dance. i wish we could have been in a room all by ourselves. but it was still a very sweet moment with my husband. and i have the memory of all the times we danced to it together in the living room or our bedroom by ourselves.

and even though i've listened to this song approximately 6,752 times now, i still tear up every time it plays.

it's perfect.

(photos by monica)


  1. such a beautiful picture...and great song!!

  2. I love that you chose that song. So sweet.

  3. such a beautiful song- i love willie nelson.

  4. i love the black and white photos.

  5. Great song! Those pictures look amazing!

  6. Love his version of so many songs. From the pictures it looks like it was a perfect moment! :)

  7. oh gosh, what an amazing song. good choice!

    i was nervous during my first dance too -- but you look stunning and so happy...basically a perfectly gorgeous couple!!!

  8. So sweet! Have you heard Willie Nelson's "You Were Always on My Mind"? I LOVE that song, although it has a different sentiment, haha.

  9. I would have never thought of that as a wedding song, but it's beautiful & the pictures are beautiful as well.


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