31 March, 2011

ladies who lunch

a couple weeks ago, my sister and i took a little, impromptu trip to downtown LA because we were craving bottega louie.

i usually order the bianco pizza (seen here), but this time we tried the margherita.




oh my gosh.

best pizza of my life....as evidenced by my face in these photos.


(that's probably the happiest i've ever looked.)


(how cute are these cupcakes?? they have baby macarons on top!)

on the way out, we picked up some macarons and headed over to intelligentsia in silver lake for some coffee.


bottega louie has good macarons, but paulette's are waaaaay better. best macarons i've ever had. go there! trust me!

i love LA. i love coffee. i love pizza. i love macarons. and i love my little sister.


Kayla said...

It looks like the best pizza I have ever seen. Pizza, macarons and an impromptu road trip - bliss.

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Joni and Rico Adams said...

Too many good things in the post to handle. I was drooling over that pizza and then saw the macaons..... I want to go to there!

kimbirdy said...

oh bottega louie is next on my restaurant list! i can't wait to go. i live over by intelligentsia, so at least i know the joys of good LA coffee. :)

Amanda said...

"i love LA. i love coffee. i love pizza. i love macarons. and i love my little sister."

I feel like I should put that on my wall because it describes me to a T too :) Well, maybe replace LA with SF, as I've never been to LA. I. Know. We're one of those northern California clans that just doesn't go south of Monterey :) It's definitely on the trip list, though, and now I have some places to check out!

meaghan said...

i really enjoyed this post...and your whole blog! thanks for being awesome!

Unknown said...

I swear your posts always leave me craving something. That pizza looks so good!

Anna said...

holy moly this pizza and macaron feast is making hungry! it all looks so delish.

i love your happy eating photos too; i've been known to dance when eating something particularly good!

Anonymous said...

Yum! That food all looks so good. Your blog always makes me hungry :)

Mary Nevin said...

looks like a perfect lunch!! lucky you :)
your hair looks amazing in those pics! you are so beautiful!!

jasmine said...

awww! thank you, mary! these pictures were from before i changed my hair... maybe i should have left it! haha! ;)

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...


Anonymous said...

you eat the fanciest food of anybody i know. i wish i could be you for a day.

Unknown said...

okay. that pizza is to.die.for. i drool!!! yummo.

Becca said...

my mouth is WATERING!!!

yum yum

Anonymous said...

you're just too cute and funny sweety!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I love days with my sister. Makes everything better.

kate said...

Shut your mouth! That all looks fantastic!!

Adele said...

mmmm you are making me hungry!!

Lindsey said...

It's so nice knowing that someone else shares the same love for macaroons as I do! Love those cupcakes with the mini macaroons. Brilliant!

Stephanie said...

For my dream rainbow wedding I would have those cupcakes with each color of the rainbow...with the macaroonios.

Stacey Sargent said...

best picture of you in the world, and I want that effing pizza in my belly right this blasted second! Next time I am here, lets go to LA and you can show me all your favorite spots! deal? deal!

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