28 March, 2011

this is the titillating post where i blog about...

...my kitchen cupboards!

woohoo!!! aren't you excited?!

i'm not going to call this a before & after; i'm going to call it a before & midway.










the after will come one day.... when i can afford more containers.

i am crazy about my new OXO POP containers. they're so awesome.

gosh, you know you're growing up when organizing your kitchen cupboards gets you all excited. we also got a new doorknob on our bedroom door last week...that was pretty exciting too.

next on the list is painting the kitchen a proper shade of white. it's a disgusting yellowy-cream-beige right now. everything looks sallow in there. i hate it.

what grown-up things get you excited? please tell me i'm not alone.


  1. We got those same Oxo containers when we got married. It was the one thing the Hubs was really excited about.

    I've noticed that I get weirdly thrilled about pillows. It's becoming an addiction.

  2. Personally, I am a fan of those darling old fashioned glass storage jars, but golly, those plastic pop ones look super nifty!

    Hmm I've become kinda enamored with economical grocery shopping. Every week I try to bring in more new recipes to our menu, but then try to make the bill less. Rather grown-up but uhh still a game haha.

  3. I got excited using my new vacuum on our stairs this weekend. So you are definitely not alone.

  4. New vacuums for sure. And I certainly remember trying to start a movement when Magic Eraser's came out.


  5. It's ok, I was super excited to get a new vacuum Hoover last week, so much so I wanted to try it out at 11pm! That and new crockery and cutlery.... I'm a loser and I don't care! X

  6. Organizing anything gets me excited! Especially when you get to put stuff in cute containers. I love buying different color bins to store clothes or holiday decorations. I'm getting married in 2 months and I'm super excited to buy bookshelves to organize our books and DVD's together! Actually I'm just excited to decorate the whole house, which will take some time since we're on a budget :-)

  7. We need to buy a new toilet and I'm really pumped about it.

  8. When I was in high school I would clean out my families cabinets about once a year and it was really fun! I loved how satisfyingly clean they looked afterwards!

  9. i'm the exact same way! our cupboards look similar in that we love our see-thru jars. we use glass, not plastic, for the most part. they're so handy because we do so much shopping in the bulk bins (beans, grains, etc). looks great - good job!

  10. I have those containers and when I finally put them to use I was in love with all my baking goods neatly organized.

    I'm pretty excited about getting my lawn looking nice, that feels pretty grown-up to me.

  11. You're totally not alone! I couldn't get over how gleaming my oven was last week after I cleaned it and still smile with satisfaction when I walk past.

  12. I feel old whenever I buy new kitchenware or a house decor.

  13. lookin good! mmmm pop tarts. hehe

  14. My OXO pop tops are the loves of my kitchen life. I have them lined up on my teeny weeny window sill so I can get the light around my brown sugar and high fiber pasta. :)

  15. We just painted our front room last night and bought more plants! :)

  16. i went bonkers when i found our Dyson on sale at Target. college-aged me would die if she saw me now!

  17. Wow, it looks way better with containers. I'll have to remember that! I like things that help with organization and the overall look.

  18. I love the containers, it look very organized which makes the food look better lol.

    I just bought a new knife set...I was way too excited about that. Now, I'm very excited about getting a new mattress haha.

  19. um, yes. i'm right there with you. i got a curtain rod this week. A CURTAIN ROD! wheeeeee!!


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