10 March, 2011

dinner fail

since i started cooking dinner more regularly, i haven't really had any dinners that i didn't love.

until last night.

i made chicken stuffed with feta and spinach with apricot israeli couscous.


all the flavors were really good. the filling in the chicken was incredible - very bright, tangy, and flavorful. i could have eaten a bowl of it... and that was the problem with the chicken. once i was out of filling, i didn't want to eat any more. the flavors of the couscous were really good too, but i hated the texture. i've never made israeli couscous before. all i could think about was tapioca pudding when i was eating it. and i loathe tapioca pudding. it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

after a few bites, i put down my fork and decided i was done. i had string cheese and toast for dinner instead, and it was perfect.

so was the slurpee i insisted on getting at 11:30 at night...


sometimes it's fun to live like you're 19 again!


  1. I hate when you have a dinner fail. It's no fun at all. I hate tapioca too. It's gross. People should never buy it.

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  2. Man. I love your blog. I'm a foodie too and I am drooling. Seriously, come this way and help me make some!

  3. haha...it looked so good! Slurpees are hard to beat, though...

  4. all about the 19 living. and i think that dinner looks pretty fabulous and ambitious. good work. (even if you didn't like it )

  5. My friends and I bought a ton of ingredients and spent a good hour or so in the kitchen making goat cheese stuffed chicken. We were so excited to feast on our gourmet meal. However, we all took one bite and the looks on our faces said it all...it tasted horrible. I wanted to throw up because it tasted so bad. We ended up eating sandwiches or something boring like that for dinner instead.

  6. Slurpee's are amazing!!

    So are you!


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