23 March, 2011

iPhone weekend

this weekend....

...i scared dogs with my trapper hat.

photo 5_3

...i shopped like a junior high schooler at target.

photo 4_2

...we drank beautiful macchiatos.

photo 2

...i ate chocolates for dessert.

photo 5_2

...gretel napped with her face smushed on the couch.

photo 1

...we took a walk right after a rain storm.


...the sun was shining in between bouts of rain.

photo 1

...i laughed at little gnome babies on a barilla commercial.

photo 1_2

...i was too lazy to take my tights & socks off when trying on a bathing suit at anthropologie.

photo 3

...i made a fool of myself but had fun doing it.

photo 4

...levi surprised me with some pretty knobs for the dresser we're working on.

photo 2


  1. nothing like pretty knobs from anthropologie.

  2. If your mother ever gets tired of you, let me know. I'll adopt you. ;)

  3. my kinda weekend! love the bathing suit pictures haha! i'm planning on repainting and giving my dresser a makeover and i'll be going to anthro for pretty glass knobs!

  4. Love this! Looks like you had an awesome weekend.

  5. "little gnome babies" hehehehe
    soooo cute!

  6. seriously, how did i forget about those sweet little babies?! i think i only saw them once, but i replayed the commercial at least 16 times ok maybe five, but adorable. thanks for reminding me.

    those knobs are so pretty, and the swimsuit pictures crack me up!

  7. I love the knobs and the swimsuit!

  8. I am in love with the tights and socks plus swimsuit shot. That's a keeper for sure. And I'll add my two cents on the swimsuit: I hope you got it because it looks so cute on you!

  9. I love that hat so much it's ridiculous, haha.
    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  10. ugh, that plastic Target bag makes my heart hurt so much. think i can convince you to use a Envirosax or Baggu instead??? [ex: http://www.thegreenlifecostore.com/61.html or http://www.thegreenlifecostore.com/m8/2631--envirosax-pouch-bloom-set.html]


  11. i love that swimsuit! love love love it.(especially with socks!ha.)

    sounds like a great weekend. plastic bags ^ and all. ;)

  12. Now I want a gnome baby and see's candies....

    yummmm see's candies....

    ♥ theMRS.

    I attempted to style my curly hair. Check it out {HERE}

  13. I love target and that's totally what I would buy :)

  14. That bathing suit is awesome! I hope you got it!

  15. @joni and rachell - i didn't get the bathing suit actually. it was sooooo cute, but soooooo expensive. i really just tried it on for fun. i would have liked it better if the back scooped down more. and for that much money, it should be beyond perfect. :)

  16. Ahh! That's a really fun list! I love your photo story :) I like the part about shopping like you're in junior high - totally made me smile.


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