21 March, 2011


i am SO excited that spring is finally here!!!!

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even though yesterday was the first official day of spring, it's felt like spring for the last few weeks here in southern california.

i love switching back and forth between rain and sunshine.
i love leaving the house with bare arms some days and jackets on others.
i love having to cuddle under the blankets still on colder nights.

in other words, i think spring was born a gemini too. we're both all over the place, and that's the way i like things. i want to sample it all and change my mind at random. spring and i were born to be friends.

last week, camilla wrote a spring to-do list. i love the idea so much that i want to do my own. unfortunately, i love so many of her items that i basically just want to copy her list and claim it as my own...or just link to hers and write, "ME TOO!!!" but no, i will be slightly original and write my own.

to do...this spring:

1. get a flat of strawberries and eat them ALL, preferably in the form of levi's amazing strawberry shortcake
2. wear lots of bright, pretty colors (and get out of my sweats!)
3. reupholster my office chair in a pretty, peach velvet
4. eat lots of artichokes (that's a rip-off of camilla's list, but they've been my favorite since i was little so i couldn't leave it off)
5. increase the number of nights i cook dinner at home from 3-4ish to a straight 4
6. spend lots of time in the sunshine
7. have an incredible grown-up easter egg hunt (like we did last year)
8. deep clean the house... or have it deep cleaned ;)
9. fill my life with as many flowers as possible
10. take a trip to paulette for some of my beloved macarons

a lot of my "goals" are frivolous, but i just really want to enjoy the season. i want to feel light, airy, fresh, healthy, and colorful from start to finish.

happy spring!

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(image via ruuca)


  1. I'm loving Spring too! I can't wait to hang out in my apartment with the balcony door open and walk barefoot to get the mail. Its the little things that make us happy, isn't it?

  2. i'm loving spring already! i also have many things i want to do this spring! love your list.

  3. oh spring, how everybody adores thee (: i'm resolved to wear lotsa colour this season as well. good luck with your cooking endeavour (: xo

  4. i love your list jasmine!
    spring is such a great time of year... soak it up.

  5. I wish that it felt like spring here! It's sort of getting there! I love peonies! If I got married again, I would have peonies at my wedding.

  6. Fellow Gemini here!! I totally agree with you on this: "i want to sample it all and change my mind at random." I'm totally that way too!


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