24 March, 2011

lest we forget...

here i am - finally at the end of our cambria mini-moon photos. i miss it as much as i miss our mini-moon in san francisco. it was perfect - relaxing, peaceful, fun. in my expert opinion, traveling is the secret to success in a marriage.

this post is going to be mish-mash style, starting with some photos and ending with some memories.












favorite memories of our trip to cambria:

fresh air
sunsets from the jacuzzi
delicious food in teeny tiny portions
mediocre coffee
the local band at the hotel bar
hearst castle
contraband pb&js and parmesan fishies in the hearst castle movie theatre
huge hotel breakfasts
plant shopping
antique browsing
ollalieberry pie à la mode
the hotel kitty
the plant kitty
the cemetery kitty
cambria twists
succulent gardens
our violet called violet
wind storms
green pollen everywhere
a bird in our bathroom
the hawk


grace said...

one of my favorite things about you and your husband is your shared love of food- its always fun to see what you guys have been eating! (it never ceases to make me hungry...)

thanks for sharing, girl!

Unknown said...

That food looks delicious. It's definitely lunch time for me! It's nice that California has such awesome spots to have mini moons at. Maybe I need to find some spots like that in Utah

Kayla said...

Sounds like an amazing trip. Mini-moons are such a great idea.

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Brianna Renee said...

aww, i love cambria! my family took us on a trip way back when and till this date i remember it as one of my favorite places we visited!

georgina said...

omg!!! i got married at that chapel!!! isnt cambria just dreamy!!!

been following ur blog...first time posting! ;) love the photos!!

Johanna said...

Cambria looks incredible. It's exactly the type of place I'd like to visit.

Jennifer M. said...

Kitties!! :D

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