23 March, 2011

just thought you should know...

...that pain du monde serves the most beautiful food!



every single time!

my proof is here and here.

i think i need to go get one of those fruit bowls today...i'm drooling thinking about it...

and maybe a chocolate croissant too...



  1. my mouth is watering. that truly does look amazing.

  2. I just ate a whole bowl of strawberries. I understand your craving.

  3. so excited for the warmer weather and spring fruits! these look so good, especially paired with a chocolate croissant. my mouth is watering too!

  4. I really love your blog! I shared an award with you...come check out my blog http://livelaughlovetoday-mandy.blogspot.com/ to receive your award...you should share it too!


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