16 March, 2011

no, we didn't buy a puppy.

recently, we went to fashion island where:

we had some of the most colorful meals i've ever seen,



and i fell in love with this little girl.





i called her marie antoinette because a french bulldog needs a french name.
however, i'd still rather get a little boy frenchie so i can name him jacquimo.

and i also don't want to spend three thousand dollars on a dog.


  1. She is amazingly cute though. I am just lucky I don't have $3,000 in the bank to spare of I would have a dog like that.

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  2. It cost that much! That's craziness. She's so cute and little though, this makes me want a puppy.

  3. Did you know that those kinds of dogs can't breed or give birth on their own!? Something about huge heads and tiny vaginas.

  4. what an adorable puppy!! although 3000 for a dog, that's a few months rent for me..as much as i want a puppy that would sting :) happy wednesday!

  5. there are so many precious doggies who need homes right there at your humane society for far less than 3k :]

  6. i can't even *think* about stepping foot in a pet shop. they are the most depressing places on earth, to me, and make me instantly nauseous.
    there used to be one at the beverly center, a mall i frequent, and i'd have to shield my eyes just to walk by it.

    i'm not necessarily against ppl buying from breeders (over the pound) but would never, ever support pet stores / puppy mills. hope you don't either!

    on a lighter note: frenchies = cutest dogs ever!!!

  7. 1. that food looks delicious!
    2. you should have stolen the adorable little dog!! why must it cost so much?!! so cute.

  8. @vanessa - we definitely support humane societies. we adopted both of our kitties from one. however, the only way we could adopt a puppy from a pound or shelter would be if they had a VERY young one (which is unlikely). we have to get a puppy as young as it can be separated from its mother because of our cats. we want them to be able to train the dog so that he knows they're the bosses. i wouldn't be able to get an older dog or puppy because i absolutely will NOT risk having a dog who terrorizes gretel & lily. when the time comes to get a dog, we'll most likely go with a breeder.

    @meme-and-he i would be lying if i said the thought didn't cross my mind. haha! she was such a little sweetie. i think the inflated price was mostly due to the fact that we were at fashion island in newport beach.

  9. three THOUSAND! holy poo :) something tells me she'd be adorably worth it though

  10. You should look into the french rescue sites. We ended up getting our sweet little Boston Terrier from a rescue site (her original mommy just wanted a "purse puppy" and locked her in the bathroom 75% of the day...) so sad. An adoption fee was all that had to be paid!

  11. @jenni - that's SUCH a great idea!! thank you, jenni! and i looooooove boston terriers. i had the BEST little boston growing up. he's actual the reason i won't get another. he was so perfect that i never want to compare another boston to him. i loved him too much. :)

  12. awww. that little girl is adorable. I'm pretty sure if you had purchased her I would be driving over immediately!

  13. I want that food and that dog.

  14. frenchies {boy or girl} are worth every penny!!! I absolutely LOVE mine to death!! Thay are seriously the best dogs, and these photos made me smile.

    I hope someday you get your frenchie! :)

  15. when we were looking to get a frenchie or boston terrier we looked at the rescue sites. i found that most were up for adoption because the pet-parents had a baby or were getting divorced and their lifestyle no longer allowed for it. not due to the dog being a problem or unhealthy. good resource!

  16. if i EVER get a dog, you're helping me come up with a name. k?

    freakin' genius names.
    i love that pet store at fashion island btw.

  17. I wondered if you'd put the cost of that pretty lady on here! Around here (Kansas) a french bulldog goes for around 1200-1500.... I'm not at all surprised to see that one in Cali goes for double!

  18. LOL @ And Kathleen- that mde me laugh!

    French bulldogs are my favorite, they are just so expensive. One day I shall have one...just not anytime soon.


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