23 October, 2009

another friday

this week, i...

...roasted zucchini for the first time & couldn't get over how incredible it was. try it. you'll love it. leave me your email address if you want the recipe, and i'll send it to you. so easy.
...saw where the wild things are in imax with levi. we both LOVED it. thank goodness. now we don't have to take down the giant, framed poster that's hanging in our living room.
...started a new lyrical combination in jazz. ahhh, i love lyrical!
...noticed A LOT more muscle in my body. i guess all this craziness this semester is starting to pay off. hopefully, the shedding of some unwanted pounds comes next.
...baked a pumpkin pie. levi ate half of it the first night. he really loves pumpkin pie.
...maintained a pretty great mood all week. it was refreshing.
...bought the coziest black, ballet flats at target. they're lined with faux fur so they're like slippers. $15!!
...learned that a lot of you are struggling with this whole making friends thing just like i am. who knew? i've got a couple ideas brewing on this one. i'll try to make sense of them over the weekend and tell you about them early next week.

it was a good week, and i'm guessing it's going to be a great weekend!

have a fantastic one!



  1. ooh, can i have the recipe for your roasted zucchini please? thanks bunches!


  2. I just now read your last two posts. Were you reading my mind? (Just kidding!) I think we'd be super friends if we weren't on opposite ends of the country...I live in Pennsylvania. I feel like you wrote what has been on my mind for ages. I moved up here to live with my fiance, and I don't know anyone. I have friends scattered around the country, but not any right here. I'm glad you at least have school (it's a starting place!), I've been turned down from job after job, so most of the time I just sit with our cats, watch Golden Girls or 18 Kids & Counting (addictive, right?) because I'm bored.

    Like you, I'm not interested in drinking all night, partying, and I can't do the playgroup thing because I don't have kids. I'd much rather invite someone over to bake with me, watch chick flicks, and just do girl stuff.

    Sorry if this is turning into a novel. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Such a shame we're far apart, I know we're kindred spirits! We could definitely be internet friends though. Anyway, happy weekend!

    -Kristen in PA

  3. roasted zucchini is delicious! i'd love to see how you make it! sydtoups@hotmail.com

    it's nice to know that i'm not the only person struggling with making friends. your post hit home for me and i'm excited to see what other thoughts you have about it!

  4. Have a great weekend Jasmine! Looks like you had a great week.

  5. ohh YUM. hmm i may just need that recipe:) it sounds like you had a good week, im really glad.

  6. soudns like a good week! i hope you have a fantastic weekend :) oh and i loved where the wild things are too! so awesome!

  7. i for sure want the recipe!

  8. Yay for good weeks! I hope you have an even better weekend.

    The friends thing made me sad...I hate that I fall into a not good category down there, but I'm going to fix it, because I do want your time. Does that sound weird? :)

  9. Happy friday to you ^_^
    Thanks for your lovely comments lately ^_^ They totally make my day!

  10. Oooh, I'd love the recipe!



  11. Yay for a great week!...anything roasted sounds like a good idea to me!

    Happy weekend!!!!

  12. Sounds like you had a pretty great week. I hope to see where the wild things are soon. I'm glad to hear you liked it.

  13. jasmine. first off, kreefter8@hotmail.com is waiting for the roasted zucchini recipe!
    and i hear you on the friends thing. it seems like as having friends seems so much more technology-tangled, the more intentional we have to get. it's easier now, but way harder...
    i vaporized my facebook and try to stay off my phone and i'm training intentional-ness into my life...i want the friends marathons and the cupcake dates, not the alone time with facebook.
    sigh, you have company with the friends thing!
    thanks for sharing...

  14. roast zucchini? yum! I just ate some chocolate zucchini bread. ever had it? its pretty good.

    hope you're have a great weekend :)

  15. Sooo happy I found your blog. I love your mission here, and would also be excited to be a sponsor. I'll email you soon! :)

  16. mmmmm could I get that recipe please? I soo want to catch where the wild things are too...I just don't know when it'll get to the uk. i loove pumpkin pie too..I could eat an entire thing. hope your weekend has been great! xx

  17. i bought the same flats!! they were $12.99 here! :O

  18. Recipe, pretty please! :)


  19. is it too late to ask for your roasted zuchini recipe? i love trying new yummy veggies.




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