07 October, 2009

ditch day

so my camera broke (i need to replace it if you're selling one - click on the link to see what i'm looking for).

we managed to take some pictures yesterday before it broke...unfortunately i don't like how my new hair looks in annny of them. to tell you the truth, i'm not really loving my hair in general right now. it's a work in progress. levi and i have a plan to get it where we want it. the first step will be adding some contrast to the color - probably this week. the second step is growing it into a new cut. blah.

so interesting, i know.

anyway, levi and i played hooky yesterday.

he didn't have any clients...so i ditched school.

terrible, right?

totally worth it though.

i baked the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies...but i didn't like them! they were spongy & fluffy instead of dense & chewy. did i mess up?? it was still fun baking them though. i also made my cavatappi bake for dinner and switched up my tomato sauce recipe a bit. it was delish.

the best part of the day was taking a beautiful walk with levi and sharing the most perfect pumpkin spice latte at peet's. heather made it. she makes the best drinks ever. i love her.

unexpected time together is the best.

i love levi, and i love fall. have i mentioned this before?


  1. there is serioulsy nothing better about fall than taking brisk walks to a wonderful cafe for warm drinks! my favorite thing. actually all year hehe. that latte looks delicious! sorry about your camera! that's no fun :(

  2. and pumpkin cookies are supposed to be spongy and fluffy, silly!! hehe. maybe just not your kind of cookie :)

  3. That does look good! And you are right those unexpected moments together often are the best.

  4. i am sorry you didn't like them! we will have to find you a chewier recipe :) i am sorry about your camera! and i bet your hair looks great!

  5. Unexpected time together truly is best, I agree 100%! My fiance and I spent some unexpected time together yesterday on a bike ride and it was the most fun I've had in a while. Every day I seem to find something new about fall to obsess over - it really is the best season! I'll have to try a pumpkin spice latte whenever I find a coffee place (the one Starbucks that was like 20 minutes away closed, so I'm out of luck). Keep on keepin on with your blog, I love it!

  6. love your sweater! and the little tiny bit of your hair showing in the picture looks really good! i'm always weird about getting used to new colors too...

    you must have done something wrong with the cookies!!! but i have no idea what... anyway, maybe try again sometime if you're in the mood to bake, they are seriously so delicious!

  7. It's healthy to ditch from time to time!

  8. i played hooky today too. i agree, it's definitely worth it every now and then! that pumpkin spice latte looks delicious, never heard of peet's. i had one from panera bread yesterday, it was delicious :)

    hope you have a great day.

  9. I understand about the hair thing my best friend cut my hair and it didn't turn out like I wanted at first, It didn't make me feel good at all but now that I let it grow out a little and styled it a bit more its "growing" on me.

    I love pumpkin spice lattes.

    I'm sorry about your camera :(

  10. same thing happened to my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! sounded good, but came out crappy! Good luck getting a new camera.

  11. What better way to play hooky than to pass time at Peets with a yummy cap or latte! I sooo miss Peets... Nothing like it here in France!!! Glad you had a great day!! Leesa

  12. I'm playing hooky today! And I'm about to go get a pumpkin latte!

    That sweater your wearing is SO CUTE!

    I love how you guys spend time with each other like this.

    Yay for fall!

  13. days like that are the best!

  14. oh jealous of your hooky-day! looks like it was fun
    p.s I bet your hair looks great :)

  15. thankyou for your comment:)

    I think i would cry (a lot) if my camera broke.
    good luck on the search for a new one! maybe you'll happen upon an even cooler one that is cheaper.

    also, that cafe you're at looks realy really nice.

  16. Love it! (well...not the broken camera but everything else.)

  17. so this is probably where i should say "long time reader, first time commenter" ...but i don't want to. so whatevs. anywho, this post made me hungry. and wish that we had more cute little places like this in provo, ut. sad day. but now i do think i'm going to make some cookies!


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