06 October, 2009

smile, it's fall!

this week, i want to

- use the crock pot (beef stew, yummmm)
- bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (thanks chloe & olivia)
- continue improving my tomato sauce recipe and make my delicious cavatappi bake. oh yumm.
- take pictures! (my hair is now dark brown & shorter for fall)
- keep up in french
- order photos to be printed so we can frame them & hang them on our walls (and then maybe i can actually show what our house is looking like these days)
- put things in the mail
- pretend it's cooler than it really is and take "brisk" walks with levi
- stay positive

what's on your to do list this week? any delicious pumpkin recipes to share with me?


  1. Pumpkin Spice Cupaceks--one of my favorite recipes!
    I am making them this week. :) http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pumpkin-Spice-Cupcakes/Detail.aspx

  2. love this photo!

    yes, pumpkin buttercream squares! DELISH!

  3. i may try to take a few brisk walks myself! sigh, i just love fall.

  4. You are so cute!

    Today I am going shopping to buy myself a birthday present! I will also be eating lots of cake and candy and not going to the gym :)

  5. please do! take some photos of your new hair! i bet its great

    and the crockpot. oh my. yumm

  6. I have a busy week. It is "Hell" week for me at the theater. My show opens on Friday so I am focusing solely on the show. I don't have any time for anything other than rehearsals. Its crunch time! Just making sure my lines are solid and that my accent is clear (I play an Irish maid) and that my monologue of Edgar Allan Poe's Tell Tale Heart is memorized. Stressing! hehe but fun....speaking of pumpkin cookies. I have a gluten-free pumpkin white chocolate chip cookie recipe. Yum!

  7. pumpkin choc chip cookies? totally on my way to check it out!

  8. I need to finish getting ready for my son's birthday, get my son to the doctor since it is his birthday, get my daughter a dentist appointment she says a tooth is hurting, and get the house all clean because of my son's birthday..
    yeah my life really does rotate around my kids.

  9. i am eating those cookies right now! they are so good! i love that picture by the way! and i like the stay positive part. i need to do that!!

  10. Would You be interested in a Sweet potato apple soup recipe? Cause I can send that one over easy peasy puddin' and pie.

  11. I think I'm going to steal your pumpkin chocolate chip cookie idea (and Olivia's recipe)! I have some great recipes that I'll share as soon as I find them (giving them to you by memory would not be a good idea).

    I hope this week goes the way you want it to. Isn't this time of year exciting?!

  12. sounds like an awesome week!

    i just posted a YUMMY pumpkin recipe on my blog last week:


  13. jasmine, you're the best :) your list made me feel inspired to do some little fall/cold weather activities. it sure is cold here though! maybe i will make some delicious soup and toast for dinner tonight . . mmm.

  14. what a great list - I always dye my hair darker during autumn and winter as well :)

    I also really want to use my slow cooker, beef stew sounds yummy!

  15. i love crock pots! my mom gave me our crock pot from home (it's the one i grew up with and is a terrible olive green with vegetables on the outside- i absolutely love it) to take to college with me and i can't wait to use it. do you have any good recipes your recommend?

  16. Those recipes sound SO good! I love fall so much, it's ridiculous. Just wish we (because I know you're in SoCal too!) lived in a place with more fall like weather. Sigh...

    Hope you're having a good week Jasmine! Can't wait to see your brown hair.

  17. I'm going to have to hear about these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! My personal favorite pumpkin treats are pumpkin pancakes. (you should have a contest to see who can say pumpkin the most times in a comment...) Fall is the greatest!

  18. We have been going on walks everynight with our little pups and loving it!!!! Definitly post photos of your new cute hair! I just cut off 3 inches myself! Also, you should make some polka-dot pumpkin cupcakes. They are to DIE for...soooo good. THe recipe is from libbys. Just type in the name in google and it should pop right up!

  19. Hey thanks for voting for me!!! You're the bestest! Loves.

  20. yay!! the cookies are actually sublime, and i cannot wait to see your new hair! hurry up with the pictures please lady!

  21. if you go to william sonoma, they have the cupcake mix for Sprinkles' Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting. I had them this weekend and they are SO GOOD! try them. next on my list to try are the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies you mentioned. i love fall!

  22. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls.


    Then tell me how delicious they are! I haven't got the time to make them :( But I am SO craving them!

  23. ohhhh, brown hair - looking forward to seeing that!

  24. I'm totally making those cookies!

    I have lots to do this week:

    -Find out if I'm having a baby boy or a baby girl
    -Have a pumpkin spiced latte (to get the baby up and moving for the ultrasound of course...)
    -Clean, clean, and clean!
    -Make another trip to the grocery
    -Host a Gender Reveal party for friends and family
    -Pray for hurting loved ones

  25. I've got to make those cookies as well. :)
    Oh and I'm dying to see a photo of your new hair do.

  26. You are so so SO cute! I put up a pumpkin-y recipe on our blog today. xoxo

  27. I have to get ready for me daughter's 1st birthday party.

    I just posted a pumpkin cupcake recipe on my blog: www.thereddeer.com

  28. I'm making beef stew with rutabaga and parsnips today. Crockpots rule!


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