21 October, 2009

fun with proust, take seven - jalene

the gorgeous jalene is sharing her proust answers with us this week.

jalene has a terrific blog where she writes honestly and beautifully about her life. she is absolutely one of my daily reads. is it odd that sometimes i wish jalene was my little sister (in addition to ivy, of course)? maybe that's weird. i just really love this girl. and i know you will too.

1. what is your idea of perfect happiness?
being married, raising a family... then when we're 80 we will sit hand in hand, look at our posterity and know we did all we could to teach them to be good people.

2. what is your most treasured possession?
my freedom.
i seriously love this country.

3. what is your greatest fear?
car accidents, i've never been in one but whenever i get in a car i'm always worried about crashing.
being kidnapped.
ya know... all those scary things.

4. which talent would you most like to have?
i wish i was amazingly good at singing.
music just has that magical quality and i wish my sub-par voice didn't kill it.

5. what or who is the greatest love of your life?
what? music. definitely.
who? don't have one quite yet. ;)

6. what is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
i have the worst memory.
not like flaky-memory, but if someone tells me a story or says something to me i simply cannot retell the conversation to someone else.
muscle memory? great! words? no bueno.

7. what do you value most in your friends?
i could go on forever about my friends.

i value that they will tell me what they really think is best for me
and still love me when i make mistakes.
and most of all, they are the best examples in the world.
i look up to each and every one of them.
they are my family, my rocks, and i love them so very much.

here's what
jalene said about her favorite photo of herself:
And here's my favorite picture of myself. This was hard... I've never thought about a favorite picture of myself. I guess I like this picture because it's in Oceanside, CA... one of my favorite places ever. And I honestly was just genuinely happy in this picture.

thank you, jalene!


  1. I love Jalene too :) lots

  2. Hey! I'm commenting on everyone's blog that has commented on mine, just to tell them I've undeleted my blog!
    Check it out and leave some comments :)
    Thanks for your support.

  3. Just found your blog. I need to catch up on your back posts!

  4. Thanks for the tip :) I almost lost hope in my fishes all together. Well I'm glad that fishy mess is all cleared up, I will only be buying after Jan expiration's from here on out. From one crazy fish (parm. flavored to be exact) to another, thanks!

  5. i just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.


  6. mmmm. lovely. this both calmed me and perked me up this morning. and that picture is gorgeous--her spirit is just radiant!

  7. I ADORE OCEANSIDE!!!!! And I like Jalene, too! I've never met her, but I think I'll be reading her blog. Such a cool girl.

  8. i thoroughly enjoy both your blog and jalene's. thanks for posting!


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